Bob Dylan And The Band - The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes - Raw

Cover Bob Dylan And The Band - The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes - Raw
Columbia / Legacy 88875019672
Columbia 88875016131


Entry:09.11.2014 (Position 12)
Last week in charts:30.11.2014 (Position 60)
Peak:12 (1 week)
Place on best of all time:7460 (188 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 12 / weeks: 4
de  Peak: 9 / weeks: 4
at  Peak: 6 / weeks: 4
be  Peak: 15 / weeks: 19 (V)
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dk  Peak: 10 / weeks: 1
it  Peak: 30 / weeks: 3
es  Peak: 35 / weeks: 5
au  Peak: 29 / weeks: 1


CD Columbia / Legacy 88875019672 (Sony) / EAN 0888750196729
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CD 1:
1.Open The Door, Homer (Restored Version)
2.Odds And Ends (Alternate Version)
3.Million Dollar Bash (Alternate Version)
4.One Too Many Mornings [Unreleased]
5.I Don't Hurt Anymore [Unreleased]
6.Ain't No More Cane (Alternate Version)
7.Crash On The Levee (Restored Version)
8.Tears Of Rage (Without OVerdubs)
9.Dress It Up, Better Have It All [Unreleased]
10.I'm Not There [Previously Released]
11.Johnny Todd [Unreleased]
12.Too Much Of Nothing (Alternate Version)
13.Quinn The Eskimo (Restored Version)
14.Get Your Rocks Off [Unreleased]
15.Santa-Fe [Previously Released]
16.Silent Weekend [Unreleased]
17.Clothes Line Saga (Restored Version)
18.Please, Mrs. Henry (Restored Version)
19.I Shall Be Released (Restored Version)
CD 2:
1.You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Alternate Version)
2.Lo And Behold! (Alternate Version)
3.Minstrel Boy [Previously Released]
4.Tiny Montgomery (Without Overdubs)
5.All You Have To Do Is Dream [Unreleased]
6.Goin' To Acapulco (Without Overdubs)
7.900 Miles From My Home [Unreleased]
8.One For The Road [Unreleased]
9.I'm Alright [Unreleased]
10.Blowin' In The Wind [Unreleased]
11.Apple Suckling Tree (Restored Version)
12.Nothing Was Delivered (Restored Version)
13.Folsom Prison Blues [Unreleased]
14.This Wheel's On Fire (Without Overdubs)
15.Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread (Restored Version)
16.Don't Ya Tell Henry (Alternate Version)
17.Baby, Won't You Be My Baby [Unreleased]
18.Sign On The Cross [Unreleased]
19.You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Without Overdubs)
LP Columbia 88875016131 (Sony) / EAN 0888750161314
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The Bootleg Series Vol. 11: The Basement Tapes - Raw (Bob Dylan And The Band)09.11.2014124

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