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CD Capitol 9077052 (EMI) / EAN 5099990770524
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1.Introduction To Cardiology
2.Let The Music Play
3.Counting The Days
4.Silver Screen Romance
5.Like It's Her Birthday
6.Last Night
7.Sex On The Radio
9.Standing Ovation
10.Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)
11.Interlude: The Fifth Chamber
13.There She Goes
14.Right Where I Belong

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3.88 (Reviews: 8)

Cardiology is the upcoming fifth studio album by pop punk band Good Charlotte. After various updates and uncertainty, it was finally announced the album would be released on October 29, 2010 by Capitol Records.

In January 2010, the album was finished but scrapped it because it 'just didn't feel right'. And they went from producer Howard Benson to Don Gilmore, which produced their 1st and 4th album.

With this album, Good Charlotte is back to their roots, strong guitar riffs and catchy tunes. Great and simple lyrics.

The first track on the album is the Introduction to Cardiology, which is something they have on each record. Second track is Let The Music Play, it's a more up tempo song with strong lyrics as 'There's a song that you can find in every moment of your life, in every tear you've ever cried, in every painful last goodbye. Let the music play'. This song would probably make a great single. This song is followed by the third song of the record called Counting The Days. Catchy song, sing along worthy. Fourth song, Silver Screen Romance, which could also make a fantastic single, is a song about being in love and wanting to be young forever, very good song which got you bouncing through the room whether you like it or not. Fifth song is their first single Like It's Her Birthday, nice Good Charlotte fun song, which they put on probably every record they have. Then you get to Last Night, nice guitar riffs, very cathy also, just a great song. Sex On The Radio is a song that stays in your head all day, which I have to say, has every song on this great Good Charlotte record. Alive is one of the highlights of this album. And Standing Ovation is just a beautiful and deep song. Lovely lyrics. Then comes the beautiful and emotional song Harlow's Song(Can't Dream Without You), Joel Madden did a great job at writing this song to his daughter. Nice Paino work, to bad first song that pops up when you hear it is Unfaithful by Rihanna. But it's so good it doesn't bother. Followed by an instrumental track, which the record could have left without, or be filled with another song, still it's nice to hear. Then a song about the twins parents, every fan knows the bad times, now they sing about the good times. Up tempo 'acoustic' song, very personal lyrics just as Harlow's Song(Can't Dream Without You). There She Goes is a song for their mother, with the message that Joel and Benji Madden hope their career and traveling haven't changed their relationship with their mom. Also a nice song. The fourteenth track is Right Where I Belong, which is a great song. Great and deep lyrics. The closer to the album is Cardiology, a song about what the heart stands for. Nicely written, but probably Last Night would have been an better album closer.

All and all I give this album a 5 out of 6 stars. The fans would probably really love and appreciate the album. And just like guitarist Benji Madden said; "it's all is connected to the heart". Which you can really hear.

Chris A
ok album, a few tracks sound the same too me but there wasn't any i hated, good listen

mir gefällt dieses album sehr gut

This album is fine. There's nothing wrong with it. It's an album of decent, good, listenable songs. Unfortunately, there's no real standout tracks, and nothing that would be a huge single. After the amazing Good Morning Revival, it comes across as a letdown, even if I like every song. If I had to pick a standout, it's be 1979, but they're all pretty even.

Agree with above review dull and no spark, shame as previous albums packed some great tracks.

1 week in the UK top 100.

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Für meinen Geschmack das 2 stärkste Album.

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