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Einstieg:02.03.2014 (Rang 48)
Zuletzt:02.03.2014 (Rang 48)
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CD Epic 88843025892 (Sony) / EAN 0888430258921
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1.Hold My Hand
2.Love Don't Die
3.Give It Away
4.Closer To Me
6.Keep On Wanting
7.Our Last Days
8.Break Your Plans
9.Wherever This Goes
10.Shadow And A Dancer
11.Same As You
LP Epic 88843017791 (Sony) / EAN 0888430177918
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Over My Head (Cable Car)12.11.2006961
How To Save A Life20.05.20072827
You Found Me26.04.2009637
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How To Save A Life03.06.20075716
The Fray05.04.2009476
Scars & Stories18.03.2012322

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3 (Reviews: 2)

Lediglich ein Abklatsch des sehr soliden Vorgängers. Was ist passiert mit TheFray? Wo sind die Ohrwürmer, wo die Originalität, wo das solide Schaffen. Das neue Album hat leider querbeet keine Linie und nervt, schade.

After Love Don't Die was the first thing I heard from this album, I essentially gave up on The Fray. I adore their piano ballads where Isaac's plaintive wailing vocal goes perfectly with the desperation in the lyrics and it's all just beautiful (How To Save A Life and cable Car especially; You Found Me and even Never Say Never to a much lesser extent), and over the years those have been weaker and less frequent. And when Love Don't Die sounded like a One republic clone, I was not at all interested in hearing the album.

Which is a shame, because I did eventually get it. Feeling the need to continue having a complete collection of their albums, and since I'd been given a voucher as a gift, I wasn't actually paying for it, which justified my purchase. And it's not as bad as I'd expected.

There are only a couple of tracks that don't really fit with what I expect from The Fray, and while they are nowhere near as strong as they were at their peak, they are still quite good and can bring it at times. Break Your Plans and Hold My Hand are the best examples here for what I love and want from The Fray and while those don't come near the peak of this band, they're still great.

I still hold no excitement over future releases from them, but I'd like to hope I'll be quicker to give the next one a chance at least and not just judge based on the first song I hear. And there will always be a small glimmer of hope inside me that they'll return one day with another How To Save A Life or Cable Car.
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