The Hollies - The Dutch Collection

Cover The Hollies - The Dutch Collection
EMI 3808742 (nl)


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CD EMI 3808742 (EMI) [nl] / EAN 0094638087427
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1.Here I Go Again
2.Bus Stop
3.Stop Stop Stop
4.On A Carousel
5.Carrie Anne
6.King Midas In Reverse
7.Dear Eloise
8.Jennifer Eccles
9.Listen To Me
10.Sorry Suzanne
11.Blowin' In The Wind
12.He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother
13.I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top
14.The Baby
15.Man Without A Heart
16.Magic Woman Touch
17.The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee
18.The Air That I Breathe
19.I'm Down
20.Falling Calling
22.Wiggle That Wotsit
1. Just One Look (Top Of The Pops from BBC, 1-1-1964)2:29
2. I'm Alive (Rooster from AVRO Television, 27-1-1964)2:21
3. Look Through Any Window (Rooster from AVRO Television, 27-1-1964)2:14
4. I Can't Let Go (April Films)2:24
5. Bus Stop (Beat Beat Beat from Studio Hamburg Fernseh Allianz GmbH)2:54
6. Stop Stop Stop (April Films)2:59
7. On A Carousel (Studio Performance from ITN, 17-1-1967)3:12
8. Carrie Anne (April Films)2:59
9. Dear Eloise (April Films)3:02
10. Jennifer Eccles (April Films)2:59
11. Listen To Me (Promo)2:38
12. Sorry Suzanne (Beatclub from Studio Hamburg Fernseh Allianz GmbH)3:34
13. Blowin' In The Wind (April Films)4:08
14. He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother (This Is Tom Jones, 26-11-1969)4:18
15. Gasoline Alley Bred (Top Of The Pops from BBC, 15-10-1970)3:54
16. Too Young To Be Married (Disco from ZDF, 8-5-1971)3:57
17. Hey Willy (Disco from ZDF, 9-10-1971)3:29
18. The Baby (Disco from ZDF, 27-5-1972)3:49
19. Long Cool Woman (Promo)3:17
20. Magic Woman Touch (Promo)4:01
21. The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee (Top Of The Pops from BBC, 27-09-1973)4:25
22. The Air That I Breathe (Russel Harty from ITN, 2-3-1974)4:10
23. Son Of A Rotten Gambler (Sez Les from ITN, 5-7-1974)3:57
24. I'm Down (Promo)4:11
25. Sandy (4th Of July, Asbury Park) ("45" from ITN, 19-6-1975)4:07
26. Daddy Don't Mind (Supersonic from ITN, 8-1-1977)3:29
Extras DVD:
1. Interview Graham Nash (Rooster from AVRO Television 6-6-1964)
Interview Hollies (Rooster from AVRO Television 27-1-1966).
2. Star (3:40) (Eddy Go Round Show from NCRV, 8-5-1976).
3. Boulder To Birmingham (3:59) (Promo).
4. Interview Mid 70's (In Australia Channel Seven 1976 with Tony Hicks and Terry Sylvester).
5. Heartbeat (3:38) (Telebingo from Avro Television, 20-12-1980).
6. Holliedaze (4:00) (Top Of The Pops from BBC, 10-9-1981)

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Singles - Schweizer Hitparade
Sorry Suzanne01.04.1969111
He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother28.10.1969512

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Average points: 5.67 (Reviews: 3)
23.02.2007 16:23
Snormobiel Beusichem
▓ Het zoveelste verzamelalbum op dubbelcd van "The Hollies" uit begin februari 2007 !!! Nu met al hun grote successen in Nederland !!! Eigenlijk overbodig !!! Maar goed !!! De platen blijven natuurlijk goed van ze, dat staat als een paal boven water !!!
26.03.2007 01:06
Die CD ist überflüssig.........aber die DVD mit 30 Songs auf Video und 3 Interviews......... lecker ;-)
22.03.2008 18:11
Die DVD in der Tat exzellent - die CD als Dreingabe
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