The Rolling Stones - Some Girls - Live In Texas '78

Cover The Rolling Stones - Some Girls - Live In Texas '78
Eagle EAGCD665


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CD Eagle EAGCD665 / EAN 5034504166523
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1.Let It Rock (Live 1978)
2.All Down The Line (Live 1978)
3.Honky Tonk Women (Live 1978)
4.Star Star (Live 1978)
5.When The Whip Comes Down (Live 1978)
6.Beast Of Burden (Live 1978)
7.Miss You (Live 1978)
8.Imagination (Live 1978)
9.Shattered (Live 1978)
10.Respectable (Live 1978)
11.Far Away Eyes (Live 1978)
12.Love In Vain (Live 1978)
13.Tumbling Dice (Live 1978)
14.Happy (Live 1978)
15.Sweet Little Sixteen (Live 1978)
16.Brown Sugar (Live 1978)
17.Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live 1978)

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