The Who - Live At Hull 1970

Cover The Who - Live At Hull 1970
Polydor 3711349


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CD Polydor 3711349 (UMG) / EAN 0602537113491
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CD 1:
1.Heaven And Hell (Live)
2.I Can't Explain (Live)
3.Fortune Teller (Live)
4.Tattoo (Live)
5.Young Man Blues (Live)
6.Substitute (Live)
7.Happy Jack (Live)
8.I'm A Boy (Live)
9.A Quick One, While He's Away (Live)
10.Summertime Blues (Live)
11.Shakin' All Over (Live)
12.My Generation (Live)
CD 2:
1.Overture (Live)
2.It's A Boy (Live)
3.1921 (Live)
4.Amazing Journey (Live)
5.Sparks (Live)
6.Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) (Live)
7.Christmas (Live)
8.The Acid Queen (Live)
9.Pinball Wizard (Live)
10.Do You Think It's Alright (Live)
11.Fiddle About (Live)
12.Tommy Can You Hear Me? (Live)
13.There's A Doctor (Live)
14.Go To The Mirror! (Live)
15.Smash The Mirror (Live)
16.Miracle Cure (Live)
17.Sally Simpson (Live)
18.I'm Free (Live)
19.Tommy's Holiday Camp (Live)
20.We're Not Gonna Take It (Live)

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