Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody

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Entry:23.06.2002 (Position 17)
Last week in charts:10.11.2002 (Position 72)
Peak:15 (1 week)
Place on best of all time:1284 (1464 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 15 / weeks: 21
de  Peak: 7 / weeks: 13
at  Peak: 13 / weeks: 9
fr  Peak: 17 / weeks: 20
nl  Peak: 14 / weeks: 26
be  Peak: 17 / weeks: 13 (V)
  Peak: 24 / weeks: 12 (W)
se  Peak: 44 / weeks: 10
no  Peak: 33 / weeks: 4
dk  Peak: 20 / weeks: 10
au  Peak: 13 / weeks: 15
nz  Peak: 23 / weeks: 13


CD A&M 493 307-2 (UMG) / EAN 0606949330729
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1.Ordinary Day
3.A Thousand Miles
4.Pretty Baby
9.Paint It Black

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Singles - Schweizer Hitparade
A Thousand Miles09.06.2002832
Ordinary Day20.10.2002648
Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton)09.03.2003635
Pretty Baby16.03.2003622
Albums - Schweizer Hitparade
Be Not Nobody23.06.20021521

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Average points: 4.56 (Reviews: 9)
24.11.2004 22:27
Kein Review *staun* - und das obwohl wohl jedes Kind ihren 1. Hit kennt ;-)

Tjo was hat's sonst noch zu bieten?

Ganz sicher "Pretty Baby" wär da zu erwähnen, aber auch "Sway" und "Ordinary Day" - alles zusammen gekonnte Mischungen aus Pop & Klassischen Elementen. Für ein Erstlingswerk wirklich nicht schlecht - zumal sie das alles selber geschrieben hat - Hut ab
10.03.2006 10:00
Außer Nr 9: Paint it black
Ein alter Rolling Stones hit von 1966: Aftermath:
Autoren daher: Jagger;Richards
02.09.2007 17:34
29.02.2008 05:49
das album hat ein paar schöne songs zu bieten wie die bekannten a thousand miles pretty baby sway ordinary day der grossteil aber ist ok verblasst aber total neben den hochwertigen songs wie die singles

Ein aussergewöhnliches Debut-Album mit gleich 2 Hits, "A thousand miles" und "Ordinary day".

Nicht so berauschend

Sehr schönes Album

Wenig überzeugendes Plätscher-Album, das über weite Strecken nur langweilt.

When I decided to listen to this Album I didn’t know exactly what to expect but what I got was a bit better then I expected it to be. If this was an instrumental album it be an easy 6 because every track, even the more average ones have nice backing music on them but the lyrics of some of the tracks on this simply cannot match the excellent backing music they have but thankfully it stops any tracks from being bad or even completely average. The backing music used for this album really suits my music tastes and makes a good majority of this pleasant to listen to.

When I 1st watched the video to Ordinary Day on Youtube I found it to be ordinary (No pun intended) but after listening to it a 2nd time when listening to this album I liked it enough to be considered a highlight on this along with Rinse, Paradise and Twilight. Other tracks I also thought were a bit above average were Unsung (3.3), Pretty Baby (3.3), Sway (3.2) and Paint It Black (3.2). The only 2 tracks on this I thought were average were Prince and Wanted but even those 2 were not THAT average.

There are multiple reasons why she is a 1 hit wonder unless you include her featured appearance on Big Yellow Taxi with Counting Crows, in that case a 2 hit wonder. For starters her sound wasn’t common in the charts so it was hard to stay relevant in a music world full of Pop, R&B, Commercial Rock and Urban at the time. Also none of the tracks on this could match the mainstream appeal of her big hit. There are probably other reasons too but that’s all I can think of now.

So far I have gone through this entire review without mentioning the big hit but now I will. The clear highlight on this is of course A Thousand Miles for sure and is the only reason I even bothered listening to this album. I 1st remember hearing it back in 2009 but in 2010 I watched the video and thanks to it’s outstanding backing music it quickly became a 6 star track and has been ever since but over the past year my opinion of the track has somehow strangely improved even more and in 2014 it became one my Top 10 favourite tracks ever which is the reason why this album gets an overall score of 5/6 despite none of the other tracks getting higher then 4.

All those things is why I chose this album to be my 3000th legitimate review. Back in January 2012 I had reached the 3000 Review mark with the Here And Now album but I had 100’s of reviews that I only had a small sample of knowledge of and were not fully legitimate. In 2013 I deleted all those reviews and almost 3 years after I last hit 3000, I finally hit 3000 again and they are ALL legitimate reviews this time. Last but not least, apart from the big hit there is nothing that groundbreaking on this album and although it’s not my favourite album ever or even close to it, overall I think it is good enough for me.
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