Bill Haley

Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Bill Haley, Milt Gabler, Samuel Charters, Arrett "Rusty" Keefer, Catherine Cafra

Bill Haley & The Saddlemen, Billy Williamson, Chuck Berry, Little Richard

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Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm GoneVogue1946
Boogie Woogie YodelVogue1947
Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Cowboy14.08.1948
Tennessee Border (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Cowboy19.03.1949
The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Cowboy1949
Deal Me A Hand (Bill Haley and The Saddle Men with Billy Williamson)Keystone08.04.1950
Susan Van Dusan (Bill Haley and The Saddle Men with Billy Williamson)Keystone08.04.1950
I'm Gonna Dry Ev'ry Tear With A Kiss (Bill Haley And His Saddle Men feat. Billy Williamson)Atlantic10.1950
My Sweet Little Girl From Nevada (Reno Browne And Her Buckaroos Featuring Bill Haley On Vocal)Cowboy04.11.1950
Behind The Eight Ball (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Cowboy1950
Stand Up And Be CountedCenter1950
Candy Kisses (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Cowboy1950
Green Tree Boogie (Bill Haley & The Saddlemen)Holiday29.09.1951
A Year Ago This Christmas (Bill Haley & The Saddlemen)Holiday12.1951
I'm Crying (Bill And Loretta With The Saddlemen)Holiday08.12.1951
Rocket "88" (Bill Haley And The Saddlemen)Holiday1951
Sundown Boogie (Bill Haley & The Saddlemen)Holiday1951
Icy Heart (Bill Haley With The Saddlemen)Essex26.04.1952
Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') (Bill Haley With The Saddlemen)Essex06.1952
Stop Beatin' Round The Mulberry Bush (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex09.1952
Crazy Man, Crazy (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex04.1953
Pat-A-Cake (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex06.1953
Live It Up! (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex08.1953
I'll Be True (Bill Haley And His Comets)Essex12.1953
Rock The Joint (Bill Haley With The Saddlemen)Essex1953
Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Bill Haley And Haley's Comets)Essex20.03.1954
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca10.05.1954
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca10.07.1954
Juke Box Cannon Ball (Bill Haley And The Comets)Essex16.10.1954
Happy Baby (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca30.10.1954
Green Tree Boogie [1954] (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex12.1954
Birth Of The Boogie (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca12.02.1955
Razzle-Dazzle (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca25.06.1955
Farewell, So Long, Goodbye (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Essex09.07.1955
Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca12.11.1955
See You Later, Alligator (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca31.12.1955
Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1955
Rock With Bill Haley And The Comets (Bill Haley And The Comets)Somerset1955
Mambo Rock (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1955
The Saints Rock 'N Roll (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1956
Ten Little Indians (Bill Haley And His Comets)London01.1956
R-O-C-K (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca24.03.1956
Hot Dog Buddy Buddy (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca02.06.1956
Teenager's Mother (Are You Right?) (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca28.07.1956
Rudy's Rock (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca13.10.1956
Choo Choo Ch'boogie (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca01.12.1956
Music For The Boy Friend: He Digs Rock 'N Roll (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1956
Yes, Indeed (Bill Haley And The Comets)Trans-World1956
Rock'n Roll Stage Show Part 1 (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1956
Rock'n Roll Stage Show Part 2 (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1956
Rock'n Roll Stage Show Part 3 (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1956
Burn That Candle (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1956
Rip It Up (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1956
Rockin' Through The Rye (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick03.1957
Hook, Line And Sinker (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca02.03.1957
(You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca27.05.1957
The Dipsy Doodle (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca05.08.1957
How Many (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca21.10.1957
You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca01.12.1957
Mary, Mary Lou (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca23.12.1957
Rockin' The Oldies (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1957
Don't Knock The Rock (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1957
Skinny Minnie (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca03.03.1958
Rockin' Around Europe (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca05.1958
Ain't Misbehavin' (I'm Savin' All My Love For You) (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca02.06.1958
Rockin' Around The Americas (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca02.06.1958
Lean Jean (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca07.07.1958
Whoa Mabel! (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca09.1958
Rockin' The Joint! (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca01.09.1958
Corrine, Corrina (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca17.11.1958
Bill Haley's Chicks (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca02.02.1959
Charmaine (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca16.02.1959
(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca23.03.1959
Caldonia (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca22.06.1959
Joey's Song (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca03.08.1959
Skokiaan (South African Song) (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca28.12.1959
Strictly Instrumental (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca1959
A Fool Such As I (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1959
Pretty Alouette (Be My Only One) (Bill Haley And His Comets)Brunswick1959
Candy Kisses [1960] (Bill Haley And His Comets)Warner Bros.18.01.1960
(Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! (Bill Haley And His Comets)Decca11.04.1960
Let The Good Times Roll, Creole (Bill Haley And His Comets)Warner Bros.1960
Spanish Twist (Bill Haley And His Comets)London1961
Blue Suede Shoes (Bill Haley And His Comets)Warner Bros.1964
That's How I Got To Memphis (Bill Haley And His Comets)Vogue1969
Pancho, Pancho (Hambone) (Bill Haley And The Comets)Supreme1970
Me And Bobby McGee (Bill Haley & The Comets)Vogue1971
Rock! [EP] (Bill Haley And His Comets)MCA04.08.1978
Yodel Your Blues Away (Bill Haley And The 4 Aces Of Western Swing)Arzee1978
Everyone Can Rock And Roll (Bill Haley & The Comets)Sonet1979
Hail, Hail Rock And Roll (Bill Haley & The Comets)Sonet1979
Real Rock Drive (Bill Haley With Haley's Comets)Rollercoaster1980
Hey Then, There Now (Bill Haley And His Comets)Omega 

Albums - Studio

Bailando el rock (Bill Haley Y Sus Cometas)Decca1961
Travelin' Band (Bill Haley & The Comets)Sonet28.05.1971
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley And His Comets)Europa1980
The Hit Singles Collection (Bill Haley And His Comets)MCA / Warner1985
Best Of (Bill Haley And His Comets)Pegasus15.04.2007
W.O. Bill HaleyZYX04.05.2007
Bill Haley - Rock Around The ClockForeign20.07.2007
What A Crazy Party - The Best Of The Decca Years (Bill Haley And His Comets)Fantastic Voyage14.02.2011
Rock The Loint (Bill Haley And His Comets)Vinyl Passion27.01.2017
Rockin' (Bill Haley And The Comets)Pickwick 

Albums - Live

Live Explosive Rock'n'Roll (Bill Haley & His Comets)Vogue1968
The Great Bill Haley In ConcertZYX30.01.2015
Live In Paris - 14-15 octobre 1958 (Bill Haley & His Comets)Frémeaux & Associés27.03.2017

Albums - Best Of

The Kings Of Rock'n Roll (Chuck Berry / Bill Haley / Little Richard)Bellaphon1976
20 Super Hits (Bill Haley And His Comets)Teldec 
Rock Around Bill Haley (Bill Haley And His Comets)MCA 

Albums - Box

Seven Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles (Bill Hayley & His Comets)Real Gone14.09.2012
Rock Around The Clock / Rock'n'Roll Stage Show (Bill Haley And His Comets)Hoodoo02.05.2014
11 Original Albums (Bill Haley & His Comets)Documents06.02.2015
In Mexico - Twist español (Bill Haley & The Comets)Jasmine08.05.2015

Albums - Misc

Mr. Rockin' Rollin' - The Essential Bill Haley (Bill Haley And His Comets)Charly1984
Rock Around The Clock [2007] (Bill Haley And His Comets)Membran12.03.2007
Rock Around The Clock - Rock 'N' Roll LatitudeLe Chant du Monde12.09.2009
World Of Bill HaleyZYX02.10.2009
Rock'n'Roll Legends Collection (Bill Haley And His Comets)Starcode05.05.2014
The Album (Bill Haley And His Comets)Powerstation16.05.2014
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley & His Comets)Retrospective27.10.2014
The Early Years 1947-1954JSP14.11.2014
Rock Around The Clock - Singles 1953-1962 (Bill Haley & His Comets)Real Gone28.11.2014
Rock Around The Clock - The Very Best Of Bill Haley & His Comets (Bill Haley & His Comets)One Day07.04.2015
The Indispensable 1948-1961Frémeaux & Associés16.05.2015
Extended Play... (Bill Haley & His Comets)High Note28.08.2015
Bill Haley & His Comets (Bill Haley & His Comets)Delta01.11.2016
The Singles Collection 1948-60Acrobat24.11.2017
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