Frank Zappa

Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Frank Zappa, Tom Wilson, Donald Van Vliet (Don Van Vliet)

Captain Beefheart, Moon Zappa, The Mothers Of Invention, The Velvet Underground, Tom Waits

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How Could I Be Such A Fool (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1966
Trouble Comin' Every Day (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1966
Big Leg Emma (Mothers Of Invention)Verve1967
Lonely Little Girl (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1967
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1967
Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? (Mothers Of Invention)Verve1967
Motherly Love (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1968
Deseri (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1968
Any Way The Wind Blows (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1968
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise1970
WPLJ (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise1970
What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning (The Mothers Of Invention)United Artists1971
Tears Began To Fall (Mothers Of Invention)Reprise1971
Daddy Daddy Daddy (The Mothers Of Invention)United Artists1971
Eat The QuestionReprise1972
I'm The SlimeReprise1973
Don't Eat The Yellow SnowDisCreed1974
Cosmik DebrisWarner Bros.1974
Du bißt mein Sofa (Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention)DisCreed1975
Disco BoyWarner Bros.1976
Bobby BrownCBS1979
Dancin' FoolCBS1979
Joe's GarageCBS1979
I Don't Wanna Get DraftedCBS1980
Stick It OutCBS1980
Harder Than Your HusbandCBS1981
Love Of My Life (The Mothers Of Invention)CBS1981
You Are What You IsCBS1981
Love Of My LifeCBS1981
Valley Girl (Frank & Moon Zappa)Barking Pumpkin1982
The Man From UtopiaCBS1983
Cocaine DecisionsCBS1983
Baby, Take Your Teeth OutEMI1984

Alben - Studio

Freak Out! (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve27.06.1966
Absolutely Free (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve26.05.1967
Francis Vincent Zappa Conducts Lumpy GravyVerve07.08.1967
We're Only In It For The Money (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve04.03.1968
Cruisin' With Ruben & The Jets (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve02.12.1968
Uncle Meat (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise21.04.1969
Hot RatsReprise10.10.1969
Burnt Weeny Sandwich (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise09.02.1970
Weasels Ripped My Flesh (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise10.08.1970
Chunga's RevengeReprise23.10.1970
Waka / JawakaReprise05.07.1972
The Grand WazooReprise03.12.1972
Over Nite SensationReprise07.09.1973
Apostrophe (')DisCreed22.03.1974
Roxy & Elsewhere (Zappa / Mothers)DisCreed10.09.1974
One Size Fits All (Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention)DisCreed25.06.1975
Bongo Fury (Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart)DisCreed02.10.1975
Zoot AlluresWarner Bros.20.10.1976
Zappa In New YorkDiscReet03.03.1977
Studio TanDiscReet15.09.1978
Sleep DirtDisCreed19.01.1979
Sheik YerboutiCBS03.03.1979
Orchestral FavoritesDisCreed04.05.1979
Joe's Garage Act I.CBS17.09.1979
Joe's Garage Acts II & IIICBS19.11.1979
Shut Up 'N Play Yer GuitarCBS11.05.1981
Tinseltown RebellionCBS17.05.1981
You Are What You IsCBS23.09.1981
Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchCBS03.05.1982
The Man From UtopiaCBS28.03.1983
Baby SnakesBarking Pumpkin28.03.1983
Zappa: London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & IIBarking Pumpkin09.06.1983
Boulez Conducts Zappa - The Perfect StrangerEMI23.08.1984
Them Or UsEMI18.10.1984
GuitarBarking Pumpkin26.04.1988
American Pageant (The Mothers Of Invention)Duchesse1989
Make A Jazz Noise HereZappa26.10.2012
The Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeZappa26.10.2012
Broadway The Hard WayZappa06.11.2012
Does Humor Belong In Music?Zappa06.11.2012
Meets The Mothers Of PreventionZappa06.11.2012
Jazz From HellZappa06.11.2012
Mystery DiscZappa16.11.2012
Ahead Of Their Time (Mothers Of Invention)Zappa23.11.2012
Playground PsychoticsZappa23.11.2012
The Lost EpisodesZappa23.11.2012
The Yellow SharkZappa23.11.2012
Masked Turnip CyclophonyGonzo25.09.2015
Feeding The Monkies At Ma MaisonZappa11.12.2015
The Lump Money Project / ObjectZappa01.07.2016
Frank Zappa For PresidentZappa15.07.2016
Meat Light (Zappa / Mothers)Zappa09.12.2016
Congress Shall Make No Law...Zappa28.04.2017
Civilzation Phase IIIZappa28.04.2017
Dance Me ThisZappa28.04.2017
Joe's DomageZappa28.04.2017
Roxy By Proxy (Zappa / Mothers)Zappa28.04.2017
Joe's XMassageZappa28.04.2017
Imaginary DiseasesZappa28.04.2017
Zappa WazooZappa28.04.2017
One Shot DealZappa28.04.2017
The Dub Room Special!Zappa28.04.2017
Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa - A Memorial TributeZappa28.04.2017
Joe's CorsageZappa28.04.2017
Philly '76Zappa28.04.2017
Greasy Love SongsZappa28.04.2017
The Guitar World According To Frank ZappaUme13.04.2019
Cheap Thrills 
Son Of Cheep Thrills 
Strictly Genteel - A "Classical" Introduction To Frank Zappa 
Threesome No. 1 
Threesome No. 2 

Alben - Live

The Mothers At Fillmore East - June '71 (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise02.08.1971
Just Another Band From L.A. (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise26.03.1972
Broadcast RaritiesAmerican Legends2005
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1Zappa03.08.2009
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2Zappa03.08.2009
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3Zappa03.08.2009
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5Zappa03.08.2009
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6Zappa03.08.2009
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4Zappa01.02.2010
Classic BroadcastsKomet23.07.2010
Road Tapes - Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver B.C. 25 August 1968Zappa06.11.2012
Road Tapes - Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland - 23, 24 August 1973Zappa28.11.2013
The Muffin Man Goes To College - Volume 2 (Frank Zappa feat. Captain Beefheart)Let Them Eat Vinyl02.10.2015
Halloween In The Big Apple 1977Let Them Eat Vinyl02.10.2015
Roxy - The Movie (Frank Zappa & The Mothers)Eagle30.10.2015
The Very Best Of Zappa - Broadcasting LiveMembran20.05.2016
Son Of Orange County - Radio Broadcast 1974 (Frank Zappa feat. Tom Waits)Laser24.06.2016
Road Tapes - Tyrone Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, NM - 5 Juli 1970Zappa01.07.2016
Little DotsZappa03.11.2016
Chicago '78Zappa03.11.2016
Carnegie Hall (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Zappa28.04.2017
Hammersmith OdeonZappa28.04.2017
A Token Of His ExtremeZappa19.05.2017
Dutch Courage Vol. 2Parachute26.05.2017
Dutch Courage Vol. 1Parachute26.05.2017
Halloween 77Zappa20.10.2017
VPRO-TV (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Lasgo20.10.2017
Live 1975 (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Lasgo20.10.2017
Vancouver Workout - Volume 2 (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Parachute27.10.2017
Vancouver Workout - Volume 1 (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Parachute27.10.2017
Munich 1980Parachute10.11.2017
Summer '82 - When Zappa Came To SicilyMVD08.12.2017
The Roxy Performances (Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)Zappa23.03.2018
Live In Barcelona 1988 - Volume OneParachute26.04.2019
Live In Barcelona 1988 - Volume TwoParachute26.04.2019

Alben - Soundtrack

200 Motels (The Mothers Of Invention)United Artists04.10.1971

Alben - Best Of

Mothermania - The Best Of The Mothers (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve24.03.1969
The **** Of The Mothers (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1969
The Mothers Of Invention (The Mothers Of Invention)MGM1970
The Worst Of The Mothers (The Mothers Of Invention)MGM03.1971
Pop History, Vol. 7 (Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention)Polydor1971
Pop History, Vol. 4 (The Mothers Of Invention)Polydor1971
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention (Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise1971
Pregnant (The Mothers Of Invention)Metro1972
Frank Zappa y Mothers Of Inventions (The Mothers Of Invention)Karussell1972
Superstarshine Vol. 13 (The Mothers Of Invention)Metro1972
Mother's Day (The Mothers Of Invention)Metro1973
Pop History (Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention / The Velvet Underground)Polydor1973
Pop Giants Vol.27 (The Mothers Of Invention)Brunswick1974
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention (The Mothers Of Invention)Verve1975
Strictly Commercial - Best OfRyko21.08.1995
The Best OfRyko01.11.2004
Have I Offended Someone?Zappa26.11.2012

Alben - Mix

The Crux Of The BiscuitZappa15.07.2016

Alben - Box

2 Originals Of The Mothers Of Invention (The Mothers Of Invention)Reprise1975
Joe's Garage Acts I, II & IIIBarking Pumpkin1987

Alben - Misc

Finer MomentsZappa14.12.2012
The Muffin Man Goes To College - Volume 1 (Frank Zappa feat. Captain Beefheart)Let Them Eat Vinyl02.10.2015
Joe's CamouflageVaulternative28.04.2017
The Broadcast CollectionParachute30.11.2018
The Rare Tapes BroadcastParachute30.11.2018

Alben - DVD

Apostrophe (') / Over-Nite SensationEagle11.05.2007
An Evening With Frank Zappa During Which... The Torture Never StopsEagle Vision19.11.2010
Zappa On Zappa - The Lost BroadcastsHard Six16.11.2012
A Token Of His ExtremeEagle31.05.2013
The Torture Never Stops / The Dub Room Special! / Baby SnakesEagle04.10.2013
Roxy - The Movie (Frank Zappa & The Mothers)Eagle30.10.2015
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