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Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Rick J. Jordan, H.P. Baxxter, Jens Thele, Scooter, Axel Coon, Michael Simon, Ferris Bueller, Jay Frog, Phil Speiser, The Loop!, Eddy Steeneken

Dick Rules, Fler, Jebroer, Kitty Kat, Marc Acardipane, Michael Maidwell, Nicole Fuss, Sido, Status Quo, Tony D, Vassy, Vicky Leandros, Wiz Khalifa


Vallée de larmesClub Tools09.02.1994
Hyper HyperClub Tools26.05.1994
Move Your Ass!Club Tools01.1995
FriendsClub Tools06.04.1995
Endless SummerClub Tools26.07.1995
Back In The U.K.Club Tools14.11.1995
Let Me Be Your ValentineClub Tools29.02.1996
Rebel YellClub Tools09.05.1996
I'm RavingClub Tools19.09.1996
Break It UpClub Tools21.11.1996
FireClub Tools27.03.1997
The Age Of LoveClub Tools08.08.1997
No FateClub Tools01.12.1997
How Much Is The Fish?Club Tools08.06.1998
We Are The GreatestClub Tools1998
Call Me MañanaClub Tools08.01.1999
Faster Harder ScooterClub Tools23.08.1999
Fuck The MillenniumClub Tools23.11.1999
I'm Your PusherSheffield Tunes30.05.2000
She's The SunSheffield Tunes21.08.2000
Posse - I Need You On The FloorSheffield Tunes21.05.2001
Aiii Shot The DJSheffield Tunes13.08.2001
Ramp! (The Logical Song)Sheffield Tunes10.12.2001
NessajaSheffield Tunes08.04.2002
Nessaja (3A.M.)Kontor2002
Weekend!Sheffield Tunes24.02.2003
The NightSheffield Tunes26.05.2003
Maria (I Like It Loud)Sheffield Tunes11.08.2003
Jigga Jigga!Sheffield Tunes08.12.2003
Shake That!Sheffield Tunes04.10.2004
One (Always Hardcore)Sheffield Tunes20.12.2004
SuavementeSheffield Tunes07.03.2005
Hello! (Good To Be Back)Sheffield Tunes14.10.2005
Apache Rocks The Bottom!Sheffield Tunes30.12.2005
Behind The CowSheffield Tunes19.01.2007
Lass uns tanzenSheffield Tunes23.03.2007
StrippedSheffield Tunes06.08.2007
The Question Is What Is The QuestionSheffield Tunes10.08.2007
And No MatchesSheffield Tunes23.11.2007
Jumping All Over The WorldSheffield Tunes01.02.2008
I'm LonelySheffield Tunes18.04.2008
Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Scooter vs. Status Quo)Sheffield Tunes26.09.2008
Beweg Dein Arsch (Sido's Hands On Scooter feat. Kitty Kat & Tony D.)Sheffield Tunes28.11.2008
J'adore hardcoreSheffield Tunes14.08.2009
Ti sentoSheffield Tunes02.10.2009
The Sound Above My HairSheffield Tunes27.11.2009
Stuck On ReplaySheffield Tunes12.03.2010
Friends TurboSheffield Tunes15.04.2011
The Only OneSheffield Tunes27.05.2011
David Doesn't EatSheffield Tunes14.10.2011
C'est bleu (Scooter feat. Vicky Leandros)Sheffield Tunes02.12.2011
It's A Biz (Ain't Nobody)Sheffield Tunes23.03.2012
04:00:00Sheffield Tunes07.09.2012
Army Of HardcoreSheffield Tunes02.11.2012
Bigroom Blitz (Scooter feat. Wiz Khalifa)Sheffield Tunes23.05.2014
Today (Scooter and Vassy)Sheffield Tunes26.09.2014
Can't Stop The HardcoreSheffield Tunes05.12.2014
Radiate (Scooter And Vassy)Sheffield Tunes29.05.2015
RiotSheffield Tunes04.09.2015
Bora! Bora! Bora!Sheffield Tunes26.05.2017
My Gabber (Scooter & Jebroer)ROQ 'N Rolla / Cloud 9 / Sheffield Tunes / Kontor29.08.2017

Albums - Studio

... And The Beat Goes On!Club Tools31.01.1995
Our Happy HardcoreClub Tools26.03.1996
Wicked!Club Tools24.10.1996
Age Of LoveClub Tools27.08.1997
No Time To ChillClub Tools20.07.1998
Back To The Heavyweight JamClub Tools27.09.1999
SheffieldSheffield Tunes26.06.2000
We Bring The Noise!Sheffield Tunes11.06.2001
The Stadium Techno ExperienceSheffield Tunes31.03.2003
Mind The GapSheffield Tunes08.11.2004
Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?Sheffield Tunes04.11.2005
The Ultimate Aural OrgasmSheffield Tunes09.02.2007
Jumping All Over The WorldSheffield Tunes30.11.2007
Under The Radar Over The TopSheffield Tunes02.10.2009
The Big Mash UpSheffield Tunes14.10.2011
Music For A Big Night OutSheffield Tunes02.11.2012
The Fifth ChapterSheffield Tunes26.09.2014
AceSheffield Tunes05.02.2016
Scooter ForeverSheffield Tunes01.09.2017

Albums - Live

Encore - Live And DirectSheffield Tunes07.06.2002
Excess All AreasSheffield Tunes02.06.2006
Live In HamburgSheffield Tunes07.05.2010

Albums - Best Of

The Singles 94/98 - Rough And Tough And DangerousClub Tools07.01.1998
Push The Beat For This Jam (The Singles 98-02)Sheffield Tunes14.01.2002
24 Carat GoldSheffield Tunes 04.11.2002
The Very Best OfSheffield Tunes / ARS20.08.2010
20 Years Of HardcoreSheffield Tunes11.10.2013

Albums - DVD

Encore (The Whole Story)Sheffield Tunes2002
The Complete Video CollectionSheffield Tunes11.10.2013
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