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Komponisten, Texter und Produzenten
Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland Jr. (Eddie Holland), Berry Gordy (Berry Gordy Jr.), Frank Wilson, William "Smokey" Robinson (Smokey Robinson, William Robinson), Harvey Fuqua, Hal Davis, Marc Gordon, Gil Askey, Clarence Paul, Jimmy Webb, Valerie Simpson, Richard Rodgers, Johnny Bristol, Clarence McMurray (Clay McMurray), Lorenz Hart, Pam Sawyer (Pamela Sawyer), Lawrence Thomas Horn (Lawrence Horn), Nick Ashford (Nickolas Ashford), Jule Styne, Bob Merrill, Harold Beatty, Henry Cosby, Terry Woodford, Sam Cooke, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ivy Jo Hunter, Clayton Ivey, William Stevenson (William "Mickey" Stevenson), Deke Richards, Bobby Taylor, Warren Moore, George Gordy, Ian Levine, Janice Bradford (Janie Bradford), James Dean, Gloria Jones, Sylvia Moy

Diana Ross, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Marco Borsato, Ruth McFadden, Superstars [NO], The Four Tops, The Marvelettes, The Temptations, The Undisputed Truth

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Just For You And IAce1957
I Want A GuyTamla09.03.1961
Buttered PopcornTamla21.07.1961
Your Heart Belongs To MeMotown08.05.1962
Let Me Go The Right WayMotown05.11.1962
My Heart Can't Take It No MoreMotown02.02.1963
A Breath Taking GuyMotown12.06.1963
When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His EyesMotown31.10.1963
Run, Run, RunMotown07.02.1964
Where Did Our Love GoMotown17.06.1964
Baby LoveMotown17.09.1964
Come See About MeMotown27.10.1964
Always In My HeartStateside1964
You Can't Do ThatMotown1964
Stop! In The Name Of LoveMotown08.02.1965
Back In My Arms AgainMotown15.04.1965
Tumbling Tumble WeedsMotown19.04.1965
Moonlight And KissesCBS04.1965
Thank You DarlingCBS04.1965
The Only Time I'm HappyGeorge Alexander06.1965
Bring It On Home To MeTamla Motown14.06.1965
Nothing But HeartachesMotown16.07.1965
I Hear A SymphonyMotown06.10.1965
Baby DollMotown18.10.1965
Children's Christmas SongMotown18.11.1965
My World Is Empty Without YouMotown29.12.1965
Only SixteenTamla Motown1965
ShakeTamla Motown1965
Love Is Like An Itching In My HeartMotown08.04.1966
You Can't Hurry LoveMotown25.07.1966
You Keep Me Hangin' OnMotown12.10.1966
Love Is Here, And Now You're GoneMotown11.01.1967
The HappeningMotown20.03.1967
L'amore verràTamla Motown04.1967
Reflections (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown24.07.1967
In And Out Of Love (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown25.10.1967
Forever Came Today (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown29.02.1968
Some Things You Never Get Used To (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown21.05.1968
Love Child (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown30.09.1968
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown21.11.1968
I'm Livin' In Shame (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown06.01.1969
I'll Try Something New (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown20.02.1969
The Composer (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown27.03.1969
No Matter What Sign You Are (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown09.05.1969
The Weight (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown21.08.1969
I Second That Emotion (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Tamla Motown09.1969
Someday We'll Be Together (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown14.10.1969
Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In (The Flesh Failures) (Diana Ross & The Supremes)PGP RTB1969
Up The Ladder To The RoofMotown16.02.1970
Bill, When Are You Coming BackTamla Motown03.1970
Everybody's Got The Right To LoveMotown25.06.1970
Stoned LoveMotown15.10.1970
River Deep - Mountain High (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Motown05.11.1970
Why (Must We Fall In Love) (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Tamla Motown1970
A Taste Of Honey (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Tamla Motown01.1971
Nathan JonesMotown15.04.1971
You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Motown11.05.1971
Floy JoyMotown01.12.1971
I'll Try Not To Cry (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Tamla Motown1971
Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me) (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Tamla Motown1971
Automatically SunshineMotown11.04.1972
Without The One You Love (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Tamla Motown05.1972
Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet LoveMotown11.07.1972
I Guess I'll Miss The ManMotown15.09.1972
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Tamla Motown11.1972
Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come By (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Tamla Motown1972
Cheap Lovin'Tamla Motown1972
Bad WeatherMotown22.03.1973
Tossin' And Turnin'Tamla Motown08.06.1973
Then We Can Try AgainTamla Motown1974
He's My ManMotown12.06.1975
Where Do I Go From HereMotown10.1975
Early Morning LoveTamla Motown07.11.1975
It's All Been Said BeforeTamla Motown1975
I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The WalkingMotown16.03.1976
You're My Driving WheelMotown30.09.1976
Let Yourself GoMotown25.01.1977
Love I Never Knew You Could Feel So GoodMotown25.03.1977
Medley (Diana Ross & Supremes)Bellaphon1981
Crazy 'Bout The Guy (Jean, Scherrie & Lynda Of The Supremes)Motorcity1989
Stoned Love (Jean, Scherrie & Lynda Of The Supremes)Motorcity1990
I Want To Be Loved (Jean, Scherrie & Lynda Of The Supremes)Motorcity1991
Hit & MissMotorcity1991
Motown 7" Singles No. 9 (The Undisputed Truth / The Supremes)Motown24.04.2009

Albums - Studio

Meet The SupremesMotown09.12.1962
Where Did Our Love GoMotown31.08.1964
A Bit Of LiverpoolMotown16.10.1964
The Supremes Sing Country, Western And PopMotown22.02.1965
We Remember Sam CookeMotown12.04.1965
More Hits By The SupremesMotown23.07.1965
Merry ChristmasMotown01.11.1965
I Hear A SymphonyMotown18.02.1966
A' Go-GoMotown25.08.1966
The Supremes Sing Holland, Dozier, HollandMotown23.01.1967
The Supremes Sing Rodgers & HartMotown22.05.1967
Reflections (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown25.03.1968
Funny Girl (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown26.08.1968
Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown08.11.1968
Love Child (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown13.11.1968
Let The Sunshine In (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown26.05.1969
Together (Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown23.09.1969
Cream Of The Crop (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown03.11.1969
Right OnMotown26.04.1970
The Magnificent 7 (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Motown09.1970
New Ways But Love StaysMotown10.1970
The Return Of The Magnificent Seven (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Motown06.1971
Dynamite (The Supremes & The Four Tops)Motown12.1971
Floy JoyMotown05.1972
The Supremes Produced And Arranged By Jimmy WebbMotown11.1972
The SupremesMotown05.1975
High EnergyMotown04.1976
Mary, Sherrie & SusayeMotown10.1976
The Ultimate Merry ChristmasReal Gone24.11.2017

Albums - Live

At The CopaMotown01.11.1965
Live At London's Talk Of The Town (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown09.1968
Farewell (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown1970
In Japan!Tamla Motown1973

Albums - Soundtrack

T.C.B. (Soundtrack / Diana Ross & The Supremes with The Temptations)Motown10.12.1968
On Broadway (Soundtrack / Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations)Motown07.11.1969

Albums - Best Of

Greatest Hits (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown1967
Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown1969
Greatest HitsMotown1974
20 Super HitsMotown1977
Their Greatest Hits (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Arcade1980
Anthology (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Tamla Motown1986
The Best Of Diana Ross & The Supremes (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown26.09.1995
The Ultimate Collection (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown03.12.1997
The '70s AnthologyMotown05.11.2002
The No. 1's (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown02.02.2004
The Definitive Collection (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown23.01.2009
3CD » Playlist + PlusMotown06.02.2009
Icons (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown06.04.2009
Classic (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Spectrum / Motown17.04.2009
Icon (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown27.08.2010
50th Anniversary - The Singles Collection 1961-1969 (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown27.03.2012
Sounds Like... (Diana Ross & The Supremes) 
Soul Legends (The Supremes & Diana Ross) 

Albums - Box

Where Did Our Love Go / I Hear A SymphonyTamla Motown1986
The Supremes Meet The Supremes / Playboy (The Supremes / The Marvelettes)Remember26.04.2013

Albums - Misc

Motown Legends (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Tamla Motown1982
The Silver Collection (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Disky12.04.2007
Love Songs (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Motown23.01.2009
Let Yourself Go - The '70s Albums, Vol. 2:1974-1977Universal27.06.2011
Baby Love - The CollectionSpectrum06.07.2012
The Early Years 1960-1962Ballard29.11.2013
Twist And Shout - Greatest HitsZYX15.08.2014
1's - Number Ones (Diana Ross & The Supremes)Music On Vinyl08.05.2015

Albums - DVD

Paris 1968 | Broadcast Archives (Diana Ross feat. The Supremes)Bellaphon17.10.2014
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