The weekly view to the Swiss Charts. Week 6/2001

Wow again!
Well, as you see it's possible. So why took it so long? Again we have a large amount of new entries so here's in short what else is happening in this week's Swiss singles chart.
Eminem und Dido remain on top for a sixth week. Dido's sample of "Thank You" in "Stan" was her lucky break as she now starts to collect chart rankings all by herself. As a proof look no further than the No. 29 debut in this week's Dutch top 100 chart where "Here With Me" debuts. Well, sometimes good music finally wins! In the US the album "No Angel" was recently certified double-platinum and here it moves up 53-31. And what about "Stan"? He closes the list - at least in Billboard's Hot 100 where he drops 93-100 this week. With their 16-8 jump the Sugababes visit the Swiss top 10 for the first time with their very first single "Overload". In Germany they drop from No. 3 (3-5) but in Austria they climb up to No. 3 (7-3).

Jumpin', Jumpin:
This week's biggest jump ranks among the all-time biggest (see also Rhythm of the Charts 42/2000). The record doesn't change as it still is held by former Big Brother candidate Tanisha who on 22 October 2000 skyrocketed 88-16, a 'mere' 72 position movement. But second place is no longer held by DJ Tomekk alone as he is tied by OutKast from now on. The former had jumped 83-22 on 30 July 2000. The positions are not the same but the distance does: 61 positions. Thus by moving 73-11 this week "Ms. Jackson" ties DJ Tomekk on the list of the biggest movers in the Swiss top 100. In addition to the Netherlands and Germany OutKast will also move to the top next week in the US.
The second-biggest jump of the week is by Azzido Da Bass. In his fifth wek on the chart he moves up 32 positions (57-25). His "Dooms Night" first debuted the week of 7 January 2001 but dropped out and later reentered. (What's your opinion on Steffen's update of the database? Now for re-entries the weeks on chart numbers will be added!) At first the single was released for last year's Love Parade in Berlin. It scored well in the clubs but didn't go further. Hamburg-based DJ/producer Ingo Martens already was working on another single when two Englishmen remixed "Night" and made a 2 step garage track out of it. That catapulted the song for a third time into the British charts but this time not to No. 58 (as the first time out) or No. 46 (as the second time out). No, it shot straight into the top 10 at No. 8 to "the horror of speaker manufacturers everywhere" as James Masterton kindly remarked... In the meantime the song has charted in Germany for two months already and now it crosses the border southward bound...

Good news from / for the Farmer house: Mylène re-enters the chart at No. 77 with her live single "Dessine-moi un mouton". But the big news is from the 17-year-old Corsican Alizée. Her first two single releases all show up on this week's chart. They also rank right behind each other and both are moving up! 27 weeks and counting for "Moi...Lolita" which almost made the top 10 and now moves back up 35-24. Just in front ranks the follow-up "L'Alizé" which in its seventh week reaches a new peak by moving 33-23.

New entry Number 1: Vanessa Amorosi "Shine"
Second Swiss hit for 19-year-old Australian Vanessa Amorosi. Her first hit over here was "Absolutely Everybody" which on 24 September 2000 was just the tenth-highest new entry at an unglorious No. 86 (even beaten by co-Australian Kylie new at No. 63) and only in its fifth week made it as high as No. 29. Now her new hit "Shine" is this week's top debut at a lofty No. 22. This looks very promising but not always does a high entry mean a really big hit. Thus the following weeks will show us how to rate this single which has to make it on its own without any Olympic pushes.

New entry Number 2: Backstreet Boys "The Call"
Hit number 2 from the current album "Black & Blue" by the Backstreet Boys. But in contrast to the No. 4 entry for "Shape Of My Heart" on 5 November 2000 "The Call" ranks as the lowest Swiss debut by the five boys from Florida entering the chart as low as No. 32. Until now this title was hold by "The One" which debuted and peaked at No. 19 on 4 June of last year. So the latest debut should be a big disappointment for the boys. How will the coming singles' debuts look like? With the exception of "One" all of their songs has made the top 10 so "Call" has some way to go but still can become their 13th Swiss top 10 hit.

New entry Number 3: MC Solaar "Solaar pleure"
Claude M'Barali was born on 5 March 1969 in Senegal. Six month later his parents moved with him to a suburb of Paris but as a teen he also spent some time in Egypt living with one of his uncles. At the end of 1990 his debut single as MC Solaar, "Bouge de là", was released in France. It became a top 5 hit there. A year later his first album "Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo" came out. It took some time until the follow-up, "Prose Combat", was released in 1994. But in March of that year it even entered our album chart and later peaked at No. 12. It includes one of his biggest hits in the form of "Nouveau Western" which also garnered him the trophy as Best Male Artist at the 1995 edition of the French award show 'Victoires de la musique'. His third album "Paradisiaque" was his first Swiss top 10 album. It debuted the week of 29 June 1997 and peaked at No. 8. Since then he made it onto the Swiss album list once more ("MC Solaar", No. 19, 1998) and onto the singles list as well (as the featured rapper on Missy Elliott's single "All N My Grill", No. 23 in 1999). This week he reaches the listing for the first time solo and debuts at No. 35. In France he entered already last week and drops slightly this week (5-6).

New entry Number 5: U2 "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of"
'2' once again: The second hit from the current album "All That You Can't Leave Behind" by U2. And one more '2': A new entry in the UK this week at No. 2. The single is the follow-up to "Beautiful Day" which debuted and peaked at No. 6 last October as their eighth Swiss top 10 hit. This list includes their first Swiss hit "With Or Without You" from 1987 as well as Bono together with Luciano Pavarotti as 'Passengers' with their No. 10 hit "Miss Sarajevo" and the No. 9 hit by Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen, "Theme From Mission: Impossible". Still their highest-charting single remains "The Fly" (No. 3, 1991) but with only seven weeks on the chart it hardly can be named their biggest hit in Switzerland... If "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of" can move upwards in the following weeks it can hand over the title as the smallest Swiss hit to the 1997 single "Please" (No. 35) and can become U2's 18th Swiss top 40 hit. And for everyone who doesn't know it: the song was written by Bono in memory of his friend Michael Hutchence, the former lead singer of Australian band INXS who has committed suicide.

New entry Number 6: Mel C "If That Were Me"
The chapter 'Spice Girls' reportedly has closed if there's any truth in all these news about the group. So it's time for the individual members to concentrate on their solo careers. In Switzerland the most successful so far definitely is Melanie Chisholm. Her name first appeared on our singles list as the duet partner of Bryan Adams when "When You're Gone" in 1999 narrowly missed the top 10 peaking for two weeks at No. 11. Her solo debut was "Northern Star" but tappered out at No. 75 not hinting at what was still to come. What was to come were two smash hits from her her debut album also called "Northern Star". Firstly "Never Be The Same Again" featuring TLC member Lisa Lopes remained in our top 10 for fourteen weeks last spring. The follow-up single "I Turn To You" was not so long ranked in the top 10 but repeated the two weeks of a peak at No. 3 of the former single. Now it will be interesting to see if the current release also can repeat this success. For the moment "If That Were Me" debuts at No. 61.

New entry Number 8: Eros Ramazzotti "Un angelo non è"
"Un angelo non è" is the follow-up to "Fuoco nel fuoco" (48-58). With the latter Italian Eros Ramazzotti landed his second-biggest hit in Switzerland last November. Unbeaten is his chart-topping hit "Adesso tu" the winning San Remo songfestival entry from 1986. He now has eight Swiss top 10 hits under his belt and would certainly like to see "Angelo" to join this list. For the moment it is 'only' his 12th Swiss chart hit.

New entry Number 9: Coldplay "Trouble"
Coldplay consists of lead singer Chris Martin, bassist Guy Berryman, guitar player Jon Buckland and drummer Will Champion, all aged 22 or 23. They met at the London university in early 1998 and founded the band. After two limited-edition EPs on independent labels now their debut album "Parachutes" is available and the debut at No. 76, "Trouble", is taken from that album.

New entry Number 10: Limp Bizkit "Rollin'"
Thanks to the 'Mission: Impossible Theme' "Take A Look Around" Limp Bizkit last time out reached No. 7 in Switzerland. The movie generated enough publicity to dramatically expand their core fan base. Now Fred Durst, John Otto, Wes Borland, Sam Rivers and DJ Lethal have to make it on their own and so "Rollin'" only debuts at No. 83. All in all in England they recently remained on top for a couple of weeks (a feat becoming very rare there) only to be dethroned this week there by Atomic Kitten.

New entry Number 11: Billy More "Up & Down"
Again one of those artists where you can find nothing about him (or her?). Billy More is a drag queen so most likely the first since RuPaul on the Swiss chart and his/her first hit here, "Up & Down", comes into the chart at No. 84.

New entry Number 12: Westlife "I Lay My Love On You"
Still far away from their very first Swiss charttopper but in England it's now a fact: their incredible success streak has come to an end! After seven singles who all reached the top, on Christmas it was over. "What Makes A Man" couldn't overcome Bob The Builder, a figure from a children's tv series and had to settle for the runner-up spot. Eight top 2 hits out of eigth singles released would be a huge success in every other country but in England - if at all - the only rank that counts is the top so the No. 2 was a big disappointment. Back to Switzerland. Here the five Irish boys have had four top 40 hits. The last one was just at the end of 2000, "My Love" (No. 38, the most successful one still is "I Have A Dream" which reached No. 18. So it's a long way for "I Lay My Love On You" to improve on its debut position at No. 86 and even keep their Swiss hit streak intact.

New entry Number 13: Fragma feat. Maria Rubia "Everytime You Need Me"
For their first hit they needed two songs which they cleverly combined to one. The success came immediately as "Toca's Miracle" topped the British charts and made it up to No. 55 over here. Together with former model Maria Rubia now they released their latest single and it became a top 3 hit in the UK. In Germany "Everytime You Need Me" is ranked in its fourth week (21-23) but here it debuts at a very low No. 90.

New entry Number 14: Santana feat. Everlast "Put Your Lights On"
"Supernatural" and no end in sight. After the singles "Smooth" (with Rob Thomas from matchbox twenty, No. 18), "Maria Maria" (with The Product G&B, No. 1) and "Corazon espinado" (with Latin American band Maná, No. 39) now comes the latest release "Put Your Lights On". This is Santana's fifth Swiss hit and the forth from this album. The lucky featured artist this time around is Everlast, best known for "What It's Like" (1999, No. 20), who collects his third Swiss hit.

New entry Number 15: Gigi D'Agostino "Super"
Now he's a big name on the charts but it took him quite long to reach this level. Gigi D'Agostino was born on 17 December 1967 in Turin/Italy and started his career in 1986 only with his first success coming at the height of the DreamHouse craze (Robert Miles "Children") in the mid '90s. At that tim e he scored a major Italian hit with "Sweetly" which also reached No. 19 in the Dutch charts. Although he had more top 10 hits in his home country only in 1999 he again scored a hit abroad. This time in Austria where "Bla Bla Bla" in the summer of 1999 reached the top 10 (No. 8). Since then he is a major star in Austria and in the year 2000 expanded that status to Germany and Switzerland. Thus "Super" is his fifth Swiss chart hit in less than twelve months. It started here with "Bla Bla Bla" (No. 16) , followed by "The Riddle" (No. 8) and "Another Way" (No. 61). The former Austrian charttopper "La passion" (and this week's 18-4 mover in Flanders) reaches a new peak position of No. 13 in its twelfth chart week just as his latest enters. "Super" is a collaboration with Al Bertino, moves up in Austria 9-2 this week, is currently at No. 4 (Musica e dischi) or No. 2 (official list) in Italy and debuts here at No. 92.

New entry Number 16: Ian van Dahl feat. Marsha "Castles In The Sky"
Whoever Ian and Marsha might be - fact is: they are new at No. 94 and so are this week's 16th and final new entry. This beats the record from last week for the highest number of new entries. Now take this number times three and you have the average percentage of new entries on the British charts each week...

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