Titel Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
System Playstation
MAN!AC 01/1999 87%
Video Games 12/1998 85%


Average points: 5.75 (Reviews: 4)


My 1st experience with this game was on a Demo 1 CD I got with the PS1 Console I got for my B day in 1999. Even though it was only 1 level it was one of the highlights on the Demo which had several good games on it. It wasn't until 2000 when I 1st played the actual game while at a friends house. After that he let me borrow it for a while and I was obsessed, one of the fondest times of my life was playing that game, ah nostalgia! Finally for Christmas that same year I got the game for myself and it would go on to become one of my favourite games ever. Strangely enough this was the 1st Crash game I ever played and is also the best for sure. The 1st is a classic, the 2nd also memorable but the 3rd takes what made those 2 so good and improves it significantly. So many fun levels! The most enjoyable game I have ever played on the PS1. A memorable video game classic!
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Die ganze Reihe an sich ist toll.

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