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Ex-Spice Girl Melanie C is back with a new record called "The Sea". Her new single "think about it" is a huge airplay succes and gives a great introducion to the new record, which is one of her strongest albums. We met Melanie C and made an interview. After three years,your new album "The Sea" is out in September, what can you tell us about the title?
Melanie C: Well, during one of my first writing session I was in Brighton, which is on the south-coast of England and every morning I walked for 40 minutes around the sea. Also the studio was close to the sea and I just found it very inspiring. A song on the album is called "The Sea" and I was just thinking about the power, the nature and everything and that was just exactly how I wanted it to be. So that's how it turned out and it just felt like the perfect time. Your new single is called "Think about it". The lyrics go like "Only regret the things that you don't do". What can you say about the song?
Melanie C: Awww I stitch myself up here with this lyric!*laughs*… I think its a bit insane when people say, they regret the things in life that they haven't done. But in the case of this song, it's a fun song, quite cheeky, a little bit of fantasy, about doing something that you maybe shouldn't be doing, it's just really about letting go and having fun. I'm not really worrying too much about the consequences. Do you regret anything in your life, that you didn't do?
Melanie C: *thinking* Yeah, there are some things in my life. There are some things that I wish I'd have done differently or that turned out differently, but you know, things are what they are and it's always good to move on and everything's a journey to where you're at..that's my thought on that. If you could pick one track on the new record of which you are particularly proud of your vocals, which track would it be and why?
Melanie C: Oh wow ! Well I think, in the break between albums there were a lot of things that happened in my life. I had a child and I also worked in the theatre, a show called Blood Brothers. And that also helped me to strenghten my voice, there were 8 shows a week and it really helped being even stronger as a vocalist, cause it was quite a different experience. So I'm sure this album is vocally stronger than the previous albums. To choose one particular song now is really hard to say. How do you compare your upcoming album with the last albums you made, is it more rock like *Beautiful Intentions* or more pop driven, like *This Time*?
Melanie C : My third album *Beautiful Intentions* was absolutely more rocky and it came a time in my life in my career when I had a lot of anger and I needed to express that and rock music was the best way to do that. And after that came a real change of base. "This Time" was more gentle and shows a softer side. They're all quite different, but "The Sea" does more reminisce to my first album "Northern Star" because it's a pop album, but there are a lot of different genres with in the record, because I love rock music, I love dance music, I love acoustic and so it's a real mix of things, you feel the atmosphere. So If i have to describe myself, pop music with influences of different styles is what really is my personal sound. Do you think, this is your best album?
Melanie C: I think its the best, or nearly the best…;-) So yeah, I think this is one of my strongest albums of my career. If you were to rank all you're solo albums combined, 5 being the highest, how would you rank them?
Melanie C : Of course 5! *joke* No honest, I'm really proud of my work, I've changed a lot stilistically over the years but it's very much about expressing what's happening in my life and who I am at particulary time. Your b-sides become immediate fan favorites. Some of them would fit your previous albums better than other tracks. Do you choose what songs make it to the album and which are left as a b-side?
Melanie C: Yes I do choose this, of course I listen to people's opinions and I always take advice but at the end of the day I decide, it's my record. Some of the songs are very easy to decide if they make it to the album or not. Some songs are brilliant, but don't fit in on the album, so yeah, it really depends. The Album cover is really great. You're standing on the sea. Was that your idea ?
Melanie C : No actually it wasn't…red girl records had seen this photograph by a photographer called Pip. We just wanted to have something similiar to that, so we got in touch with Pip and we went up to Whitby, which is up in in the north-east coast.So we wanted a similar shot because its kinda moody and really showed the power. What do you think about today's pop music? And who you'd like to sing a duet with from all the artists nowadays?
Melanie C: I've worked with different artists in the past, Bryan Adams and Lisa Left Eye Lopes which was a great succes and I'm always open to work with other artists. I think there is some great music around at the moment. I really like strong female music like Beyonce, Adele or Jessy J but I also like rock artists like the Foo Fighters. About the pop music itself, I really think it's going to a strong phase right now. You get on well with using social media such as Twitter or Facebook. It's easier to update the fans with news, do you wish you would have been able to use such technology earlier?
Melanie C: I only got Twitter like a year ago, I used to have it before but those were people who take care of my website. I was actually quite reluctant to do it but got into it while I was writing songs. Writing is a nice time, your life is your own in that point, you visit the studio and you don't have promo or anything. Its a quite time and also a personal time, I spent time with my family and friends so the thought of doing twitter was like, I'm not interessed. But then someone told me it's a good thing, it's the best way to reach your fans and the easist way to give them news. It's a easy way to say what you want, also if something is reported wrong. It's quite addictive! I really enjoy it and it's nice to be able to have such an instant way of reaching people definitely. Let's ask something about your videos. Do you decide how the musicvideo will be like and have you ever thought about doing an animated video?
Melanie C: Animated videos are great cause you don't have to be there *laughs*. I work with a lady who produces the videos and sends the songs to the video directors we like to work with. So it always depends, of course it would be great. There's a cover song of the German band Rosenstolz on the album called "Let there be love". How come you made this?
Melanie C: When I was working at the theatre in London, Peter Plate from Rosenstolz came over and he's a big fan, which is lovely. He asked me whether I was considering of doing an English version of the song. I hadn't heard this song before, so I was listening to it and I thought it's very beautiful. So I was really flattered cause it was his biggest hit with his band so I went over to Berlin and spended time with him..and it's great cause people really seem to love this song and I hope people like the English version too. You have been a lot to Switzerland already. Is there a special thing that you remember?
Melanie C : I remember the wave of the crowd, like "ohhhhh" with the hands, I remember on a festival here I saw this the first time, I didn't know what the crowd meant but it's fun !There are great memories of coming here cause we already got a lot of shows here, we did some great festivals. It's always the best thing to be on stage and Switzerland is a great place for us. Why do u promote and release more cd's in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, than in your own country?
Melanie C: Well, I do promote in my own country, but in the last few years we got the strongest fan base around Germany. But we do also release the CD's over other countrys of course and we'll see where the tour is taking us. Your fans are really exited about the tour. Do you already know in which countries you're going to performe and will you also make it to the US?
Melanie C: We're still in discussion about the European tour. You will see us of course in Switzerland, Austria and Germany at the beginning of next year but I can't give too much away. About US, there's nothing planned yet.
Interviewed by: Sonja Eberhard
Editorial Stuff: Sonja Eberhard, Ben Van Looy

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