Eddie Kramer

Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Eddy Kramer

Songs by Eddie Kramer

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Ace Frehley2 Young 2 Die1989Producer
Ace FrehleyBack To School1989Producer
Ace FrehleyBreakout1987Producer
Ace FrehleyCalling To You1987Producer
Ace FrehleyDo Ya
Cover version of The Move - Do Ya
Ace FrehleyDolls1987Producer
Ace FrehleyFive Card Stud1989Producer
Ace FrehleyFractured III1989Producer
Ace FrehleyFractured Mirror1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyFractured Too1987Producer
Ace FrehleyHide Your Heart1989Producer
Ace FrehleyI'm In Need Of Love1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyInto The Night1987Producer
Ace FrehleyLost In Limbo1989Producer
Ace FrehleyLove Me Right1987Producer
Ace FrehleyNew York Groove
Cover version of Hello - New York Groove
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyOzone1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyRemember Me1989Producer
Ace FrehleyRip It Out1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyRock Soldiers1987Producer
Ace FrehleyShot Full Of Rock1989Producer
Ace FrehleySnow Blind1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleySomething Moved1987Producer
Ace FrehleySpeedin' Back To My Baby1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyStranger In A Strange Land1987Producer
Ace FrehleyTrouble Walkin'1989Producer
Ace FrehleyWe Got Your Rock1987Producer
Ace FrehleyWhat's On Your Mind?1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
Ace FrehleyWiped Out1978Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
AlcatrazzBreaking The Heart Of The City1985Producer
AlcatrazzDesert Diamond1985Producer
AlcatrazzGod Blessed Video1985Producer
AlcatrazzLighter Shade Of Green1985Producer
AlcatrazzPainted Lover1985Producer
AlcatrazzSons And Lovers1985Producer
AlcatrazzWill You Be Home Tonight1985Producer
AlcatrazzWire And Wood1985Producer
AngelBig Boy (Let's Do It Again)1977Producer
AngelCan You Feel It1977Producer
AngelCast The First Stone1977Producer
AngelJust A Dream1977Producer
AngelOn The Rocks1977Producer
AngelShe's A Mover1977Producer
AngelTelephone Exchange1977Producer
AngelThat Magic Touch1977Producer
AngelWhite Lightning1977Producer
AngelYou're Not Fooling Me1977Producer
AnthraxA Skeleton In The Closet1987Producer
AnthraxA.D.I. / Horror Of It All1987Producer
AnthraxAmong The Living1987Producer
AnthraxBud E. Luv Bomb And Satan's Lounge Band1987Producer
AnthraxCaught In A Mosh1987Producer
AnthraxEfilnikufesin (N.F.L.)1987Producer
AnthraxI Am The Law1987Producer
AnthraxImitation Of Life1987Producer
AnthraxOne World1987Producer
April WineJuvenile delinquent1977Producer
April WineTeenage Love1977Producer
BellyAre You Experienced?
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced
Body CountHey Joe
Cover version of The Leaves - Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?
Brownsville Station(Throw Me A) Lifeline1977Producer
Brownsville StationAin't That A Shame
Cover version of Fats Domino - Ain't That A Shame
Brownsville StationHot Split1977Producer
Brownsville StationLady (Put The Light On Me)1977Producer
Brownsville StationLover1977Producer
Brownsville StationMr. Johnson Sez1977Producer
Brownsville StationMy Friend Jack1977Producer
Brownsville StationRockers 'N' Rollers1977Producer
Brownsville StationSleazy Louise1977Producer
Brownsville StationThe Martian Boogie1977Producer
Buddy Guy7-111994Producer
Buddy GuyCities Need Help1994Producer
Buddy GuyDon't Tell Me About The Blues1994Producer
Buddy GuyI Smell Trouble1994Producer
Buddy GuyLittle Dab-A-Doo1994Producer
Buddy GuyLove Her With A Feeling1994Producer
Buddy GuyMan Of Many Words1994Producer
Buddy GuyPlease Don't Drive Me Away1994Producer
Buddy GuyRed House1993Producer
Buddy GuyShame, Shame, Shame
Cover version of Jimmy Reed - Shame, Shame, Shame
Buddy GuySomeone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In)1994Producer
Buddy GuyTrouble Blues1994Producer
Carly SimonReunions1970Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonStone Free
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free
Eric SardinasAin't No Crime2003Producer
Eric SardinasBig Red Line2003Producer
Eric SardinasBittersweet2003Producer
Eric SardinasBlack Pearls2003Producer
Eric SardinasFlames Of Love2003Producer
Eric SardinasFour Roses2003Producer
Eric SardinasLiar's Dice Blues2003Producer
Eric SardinasOld Smyrna Road2003Producer
Eric SardinasSame Ol' Way2003Producer
Eric SardinasSorrow's Kitchen2003Producer
Eric SardinasTenfold Trouble2003Producer
Eric SardinasWicked Ways2003Producer
FastwayAll Fired Up1984Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
FastwayCrazy Dream1983Producer
FastwayEasy Livin'1983Producer
FastwayFar Far From Home1983Producer
FastwayHurtin' Me1984Producer
(Eddy Kramer)
FastwaySay What You Will1983Producer
FastwayWe Become One1983Producer
Cover version of Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie - Can I Do It For You? Part I
FoghatEasy Money1978Producer
FoghatHigh On Love1978Producer
FoghatIt Hurts Me Too
Cover version of Tampa Red - You Got To Reap What You Sow
FoghatMidnight To Madness1978Producer
FoghatStay With Me1978Producer
FoghatStone Blue1978Producer
FoghatSweet Home Chicago
Cover version of Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago
FotomakerAll There In Her Eyes1978Producer
FotomakerAll These Years1978Producer
FotomakerCan I Please Have Some More1978Producer
FotomakerLose At Love1978Producer
FotomakerSay The Same For You1978Producer
FotomakerThe Other Side1978Producer
FotomakerTwo Can Make It Work1978Producer
FotomakerWhere Have You Been All My Life1978Producer
Jeff Beck And SealManic Depression1993Producer
Jimi Hendrix$20 Fine2018Producer
Jimi HendrixAngel1970Producer
Jimi HendrixBlue Suede Shoes
Cover version of Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes
Jimi HendrixCherokee Mist2018Producer
Jimi HendrixCrying Blue Rain2010Producer
Jimi HendrixDolly Dagger1971Producer
Jimi HendrixGeorgia Blues2018Producer
Jimi HendrixHear My Train A Comin'2018Producer
Jimi HendrixJohnny B. Goode
Cover version of Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Jimi HendrixJungle2018Producer
Jimi HendrixLover Man2000Producer
Jimi HendrixLullaby For The Summer2010Producer
Jimi HendrixMannish Boy [2018]2018Producer
Jimi HendrixSend My Love To Linda2018Producer
Jimi HendrixStar Spangled Banner1969Producer
Jimi HendrixSweet Angel2018Producer
Jimi HendrixThe Queen1970Producer
Jimi HendrixThings I Used To Do
Cover version of Guitar Slim - The Things That I Used To Do
Jimi HendrixValleys Of Neptune2010Producer
Jimi HendrixWoodstock
Cover version of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFreedom1970Producer
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLittle Wing1967Producer
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceNight Bird Flying1970Producer
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRed House1966Producer
Kings Of The SunSerpentine1988Producer
Kings Of The SunWildcat1988Producer
KISSAlmost Human1977Producer
KISSBaby Driver1976Producer
KISSCalling Dr. Love1976Producer
KISSChristine Sixteen1977Producer
KISSGot Love For Sale1977Producer
KISSHard Luck Woman1976Producer
KISSI Stole Your Love1977Producer
KISSI Want You1976Producer
KISSLadies Room1976Producer
KISSLove 'Em And Leave 'Em1976Producer
KISSLove Gun1977Producer
KISSMakin' Love1976Producer
KISSMr. Speed1976Producer
KISSPlaster Caster1977Producer
KISSRock And Roll All Nite (Live)
Cover version of KISS - Rock And Roll All Nite
KISSRocket Ride1977Producer
KISSSee You In Your Dreams1976Producer
KISSShock Me1977Producer
KISSShout It Out Loud [Live]
Cover version of KISS - Shout It Out Loud
KISSTake Me1976Producer
KISSThen She Kissed Me
Cover version of The Crystals - Then He Kissed Me
KISSTomorrow And Tonight1977Producer
Living ColourCrosstown Traffic1993Producer
LoudnessStrike Of The Sword1987Producer
M.A.C.C.Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)1993Producer
Nigel KennedyFire
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fire
P.M. DawnYou Got Me Floatin'1993Producer
Pat MethenyThird Stone From The Sun1993Producer
Paul RodgersSoul Of Love1996Producer
Peter FramptonAn Eye For An Eye1982Producer
Peter FramptonBack To Eden1982Producer
Peter FramptonBarbara's Vacation1982Producer
Peter FramptonDon't Think About Me1982Producer
Peter FramptonHeart In The Fire1982Producer
Peter FramptonHere Comes Caroline1982Producer
Peter FramptonI Read The News1982Producer
Peter FramptonSave Me1982Producer
Peter FramptonSleepwalk1982Producer
Pretty MaidsEye Of The Storm1987Producer
Pretty MaidsFuture World1987Producer
Pretty MaidsLong Way To Go1987Producer
Pretty MaidsLoud'N'Proud1987Producer
Pretty MaidsLove Games1987Producer
Pretty MaidsNeedles In The Dark1987Producer
Pretty MaidsRodeo1987Producer
Pretty MaidsWe Came To Rock1987Producer
Pretty MaidsYellow Rain1987Producer
Robin Trower(I Would) Still Be Here For You1990Producer
Robin Trower(Let's) Turn This Fight Into A Brawl1990Producer
Robin TrowerAll That I Want1990Producer
Robin TrowerClimb Above The Rooftops1990Producer
Robin TrowerEv'ry Body's Watching You Now1990Producer
Robin TrowerIf You Really Want To Find Love1990Producer
Robin TrowerIsn't It Time
Cover version of The Babys - Isn't It Time
Robin TrowerNatural Fact1990Producer
Robin TrowerSea Of Love1990Producer
Robin TrowerTurn The Volume Up1990Producer
Robin TrowerUnder The Gun1990Producer
Slash and Paul Rodgers with The Band Of GypsysI Don't Live Today
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix Experience - I Don't Live Today
Spin DoctorsSpanish Castle Magic1993Producer
Spooky ToothFantasy Satisfier1974Producer
Spooky ToothHell Or High Water1974Producer
Spooky ToothHigher Circles1974Producer
Spooky ToothI'm Alive1974Producer
Spooky ToothKyle1974Producer
Spooky ToothThe Hoofer1974Producer
Spooky ToothThe Mirror1974Producer
Spooky ToothTwo Time Love1974Producer
Spooky ToothWoman And Gold1974Producer
StoriesBelieve Me1973Producer
StoriesHey France1973Producer
StoriesPlease, Please1973Producer
The CurePurple Haze
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
The PretendersBold As Love
Cover version of Jimi Hendrix Experience - Bold As Love
Twisted SisterLady's Boy1980Producer
Twisted SisterLeader Of The Pack
Cover version of The Shangri-Las - Leader Of The Pack
Wendy WaldmanDoes Anybody Want To Marry Me1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanFighting It Out In The Heart Of The City1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanGotta Get Over You1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanHeartbeat1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanLovin' You Out Of My Life1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanTime Like Your Wire Wheels1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanWe'll See In The End1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanWhich Way To Main Street1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanX-Ray Eyes1982Producer
Wendy WaldmanYou Said It Wasn't Me1982Producer
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