Felton Jarvis

Songs by Felton Jarvis

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Bobby Bare(For A While) We Helped Each Other Out1966Producer
Bobby BareA Little Bit Later On Down The Line1966Producer
Bobby BareAll The Good Times Are Past And Gone1966Producer
Bobby BareGot Leavin' On Her Mind1966Producer
Bobby BareGuess I'll Move On Down The Line1966Producer
Bobby BareHeaven Help My Soul1966Producer
Bobby BareHomesick1966Producer
Bobby BareIt Ain't Me, Babe1966Producer
Bobby BarePassin' Through1966Producer
Bobby BareSalt Lake City1966Producer
Bobby BareTalk Me Some Sense1966Producer
Bobby BareThe Long Black Veil1966Producer
Bobby BareWhat Color (Is A Man)1966Producer
Bobby BareYou Can't Stop The Wild Wind From Blowing1966Producer
Carl PerkinsBlue Suede Shoes1956Producer
Carl PerkinsLovesick Blues
Cover version of Elsie Clark - Lovesick Blues
Carl PerkinsMiss Misunderstood1980Producer
Carl PerkinsRock On Around The World1978Producer
Carl PerkinsThat's All Right
Cover version of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - That's All Right
Carl PerkinsTurn Around1955Producer
Charley Pride(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again1969Producer
Charley Pride(It's Just A Matter Of) Making Up My Mind1969Producer
Charley PrideA Girl I Used To Know1968Producer
Charley PrideA Word Or Two To Mary1968Producer
Charley PrideAbove And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
Cover version of Conway Twitty - Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
Charley PrideAct Naturally
Cover version of Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - Act Naturally
Charley PrideAll The Time
Cover version of Kitty Wells - All The Time
Charley PrideBaby Is Gone1968Producer
Charley PrideBanks Of The Ohio1968Producer
Charley PrideBefore The Next Teardrop Falls
Cover version of Duane Dee - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Charley PrideBilly Bayou
Cover version of Jim Reeves - Billy Bayou
Charley PrideBoth Of Us Love You1968Producer
Charley PrideCome On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy1969Producer
Charley PrideCrystal Chandeliers1967Producer
Charley PrideDoes My Ring Hurt Your Finger1967Producer
Charley PrideEven After Everything She's Done1969Producer
Charley PrideGone, Gone, Gone1969Producer
Charley PrideGone, On The Other Hand1967Producer
Charley PrideGuess Things Happen That Way
Cover version of Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way
Charley PrideHappy Street1969Producer
Charley PrideI Could Have Saved You The Time1968Producer
Charley PrideI Threw Away The Rose
Cover version of Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I Threw Away The Rose
Charley PrideIf You Should Come Back Today1968Producer
Charley PrideI'll Wander Back To You1967Producer
Charley PrideI'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Cover version of Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Charley PrideIt's All Right1969Producer
Charley PrideIt's The Little Things1969Producer
Charley PrideKaw-Liga (Live)
Cover version of Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys - Kaw-Liga
Charley PrideLet Me Help You Work It Out1968Producer
Charley PrideLet Me Live Again1969Producer
Charley PrideLet The Chips Fall1968Producer
Charley PrideLie To Me1968Producer
Charley PrideLife Turned Her That Way1967Producer
Charley PrideLittle Folks1967Producer
Charley PrideLouisiana Man1969Producer
Charley PrideMama Don't Cry For Me1967Producer
Charley PrideMy Heart Is A House1968Producer
Charley PrideNever More Than I1969Producer
Charley PrideNow I Can Live Again1968Producer
Charley PrideOne Of These Days1968Producer
Charley PrideShe Made Me Go1968Producer
Charley PrideShe's Got A Hold On You1969Producer
Charley PrideSomeday You Will1968Producer
Charley PrideTake Care Of The Little Things1969Producer
Charley PrideThe Day The World Stood Still1967Producer
Charley PrideThe Day You Stop Loving Me1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Easy Part's Over1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Right To Do Wrong1968Producer
Charley PrideThe Top Of The World1968Producer
Charley PrideToo Hard To Say I'm Sorry1967Producer
Charley PrideWe Had All The Good Things Going1969Producer
Charley PrideWhy Didn't I Think Of That1968Producer
Charley PrideWings Of A Dove1968Producer
Charley PrideYou Can Tell The World1967Producer
Chet AtkinsA Taste Of Honey
Cover version of Billy Dee Williams - A Taste Of Honey
Chet AtkinsCast Your Fate To The Wind
Cover version of Vince Guaraldi Trio - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Chet AtkinsEt maintenant (What Now My Love)
Cover version of Gilbert Bécaud - Et maintenant
Chet AtkinsFor No One
Cover version of The Beatles - For No One
Chet AtkinsGrazing In The Grass
Cover version of Hugh Masekela - Grazing In The Grass
Chet AtkinsHarper Valley PTA
Cover version of Margie Singleton - Harper Valley P.T.A.
Chet AtkinsIt Never Hurts To Ask1968Producer
Chet AtkinsJanuary In Bombay1967Producer
Chet AtkinsLady Madonna
Cover version of The Beatles - Lady Madonna
Chet AtkinsLara's Theme
Cover version of Maurice Jarre - Main Title From "Dr. Schiwago"
Chet AtkinsLight My Fire
Cover version of The Doors - Light My Fire
Chet AtkinsMrs. Robinson
Cover version of Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson
Chet Atkins'Na voce, 'na chitarra e'o poco 'e luna1967Producer
Chet AtkinsPickin' Nashville1967Producer
Chet AtkinsPrayer Meetin'1968Producer
Chet AtkinsRanjana1967Producer
Chet AtkinsSealed With A Kiss
Cover version of The Four Voices - Sealed With A Kiss
Chet AtkinsSempre1967Producer
Chet AtkinsSleep Safe And Warm1968Producer
Chet AtkinsSlick
Cover version of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Slick
Chet AtkinsStar-Time1967Producer
Chet AtkinsStoned Soul Picnic
Cover version of Laura Nyro - Stoned Soul Picnic
Chet AtkinsThe Sound Of Silence
Cover version of Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds Of Silence
Chet AtkinsWhat'd I Say
Cover version of Ray Charles - What'd I Say
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyCrumbs From The Table1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyDaddy Sang Bass1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyDid You Let Your Light Shine1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyEven The Bad Times Are Good
Cover version of Jerry Wallace - Even The Bad Times Are Good
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyGod Will1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyHe Turned The Water Into Wine1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyHis Love Takes Care Of Me1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyI Got You1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyIf God Is Dead (Who's This Living In My Soul)1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyI'll Share My World With You1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyLet It Be Me (Je t'appartiens)
Cover version of Gilbert Bécaud - Je t'appartiens
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyNow Lord What Can I Do For You1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyRings Of Gold1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeySomething Pretty1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyStand Beside Me1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeySunday Morning
Cover version of Van Trevor - Sunday Morning
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyTogether Alone1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyTwo Together1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyWay Up On The Mountain1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyWell It's All Right1970Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyWhispering Hope1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyYoung Love1969Producer
Connie Smith & Nat StuckeyYours Love1969Producer
Conway TwittyMy Baby Left Me
Cover version of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - My Baby Left Me
Conway TwittySuch A Night
Cover version of Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Such A Night
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsA Tour Of Tijuana1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsAnita, You're Kidding1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsBully For You (Surfin' Senorita)
Cover version of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Surfin' Señorita
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsCounty Agent Report1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsEl Matador1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsHave Bull Will Book1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsMexican Horns (Mexican Corn)1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsSpanish Weed
Cover version of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsTijuana Cab Driver (Tijuana Taxi)1967Producer
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsTijuana Drum And Bugle Corps1967Producer
Don GibsonEver Changing Mind1968Producer
Don GibsonIf My Heart Had Windows1970Producer
Don GibsonTimes Were Good1973Producer
Elvis Presley(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me
Cover version of Peter, Paul & Mary - For Lovin' Me
Elvis PresleyA Little Bit Of Green1969Producer
Elvis PresleyA Thing Called Love
Cover version of Jerry Reed - A Thing Called Love
Elvis PresleyAfter Loving You
Cover version of Eddy Arnold - After Loving You
Elvis PresleyAmazing Grace
Cover version of The Original Sacred Harp Choir - New Britain C. M.
Elvis PresleyAn Evening Prayer
Cover version of Homer Rodeheaver - An Evening Prayer
Elvis PresleyAnd I Love You So
Cover version of Don McLean - And I Love You So
Elvis PresleyAnd The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Cover version of Neil Diamond - And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Elvis PresleyAre You Sincere
Cover version of Andy Williams - Are You Sincere?
Elvis PresleyBitter They Are Harder They Fall
Cover version of Dottie West - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
Elvis PresleyBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain1976Producer
Elvis PresleyBosom Of Abraham1972Producer
Elvis PresleyBridge Over Troubled Water
Cover version of Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Elvis PresleyBringin' It Back1975Producer
Elvis PresleyCindy, Cindy1970Producer
Elvis PresleyClean Up Your Own Back Yard1968Producer
Elvis PresleyDanny Boy1976Producer
Elvis PresleyDo You Know Who I Am1969Producer
Elvis PresleyDon't Think Twice It's All Right
Cover version of Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Elvis PresleyEarly Mornin' Rain
Cover version of Ian & Sylvia - Early Morning Rain
Elvis PresleyFaded Love [1981]1981Producer
Elvis PresleyFairytale
Cover version of Pointer Sisters - Fairytale
Elvis PresleyFind Out What's Happening1973Producer
Elvis PresleyFool
Cover version of James Last - No Words
Elvis PresleyFor Ol' Times Sake1973Producer
Elvis PresleyFor The Heart1976Producer
Elvis PresleyFrom A Jack To A King
Cover version of Ned Miller - From A Jack To A King
Elvis PresleyFunny How Time Slips Away
Cover version of Billy Walker - Funny How Time Slips Away
Elvis PresleyGentle On My Mind
Cover version of John Hartford - Gentle On My Mind
Elvis PresleyGirl Of Mine1973Producer
Elvis PresleyGot My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off It1971Producer
Elvis PresleyGreen Green Grass Of Home
Cover version of Johnny Darrell - Green Green Grass Of Home
Elvis PresleyGuitar Man [1981]
Cover version of Jerry Reed - Guitar Man
Elvis PresleyHe Is My Everything
Cover version of Ferlin Husky - There Goes My Everything
Elvis PresleyHe Touched Me1972Producer
Elvis PresleyHeart Of Rome1971Producer
Elvis PresleyHe'll Have To Go
Cover version of Billy Brown - He'll Have To Go
Elvis PresleyHelp Me Make It Through The Night
Cover version of Kris Kristofferson - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Elvis PresleyHurt
Cover version of Roy Hamilton - Hurt
Elvis PresleyI Can Help
Cover version of Billy Swan - I Can Help
Elvis PresleyI Got A Woman
Cover version of Ray Charles & His Band - I've Got A Woman
Elvis PresleyI Miss You1973Producer
Elvis PresleyI Really Don't Want To Know
Cover version of Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy And His Guitar - I Really Don't Want To Know
Elvis PresleyI Will Be True1971Producer
Elvis PresleyI, John1971Producer
Elvis PresleyIf I Were You1971Producer
Elvis PresleyIf You Don't Come Back1973Producer
Elvis PresleyI'll Never Fall In Love Again
Cover version of Lonnie Donegan - I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Elvis PresleyI'll Never Know1970Producer
Elvis PresleyI'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen1971Producer
Elvis PresleyI'm Movin' On
Cover version of Hank Snow & Rainbow Ranch Boys - I'm Movin' On
Elvis PresleyI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Cover version of Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Elvis PresleyInherit The Wind1969Producer
Elvis PresleyIt Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)1971Producer
Elvis PresleyIt's Easy For You1976Producer
Elvis PresleyIt's Impossible
Cover version of Armando Manzanero - Somos novios
Elvis PresleyIt's Still Here1971Producer
Elvis PresleyI've Got Confidence
Cover version of Sherman Andrus - I've Got Confidence
Elvis PresleyJust A Little Bit
Cover version of Tiny Topsy - Just A Little Bit
Elvis PresleyJust Call Me Lonesome1967Producer
Elvis PresleyLead Me, Guide Me1972Producer
Elvis PresleyLife1971Producer
Elvis PresleyLove Coming Down1976Producer
Elvis PresleyLove Letters
Cover version of Dick Haymes with Victor Young & His Orchestra - Love Letters
Elvis PresleyLove Me, Love The Life I Lead1971Producer
Elvis PresleyLovin' Arms
Cover version of Dobie Gray - Loving Arms
Elvis PresleyMoody Blue1976Producer
Elvis PresleyMy Babe
Cover version of Little Walter And His Jukes - My Babe
Elvis PresleyMy Boy
Cover version of Claude François - Parce que je t'aime mon enfant
Elvis PresleyMy Way
Cover version of Claude François - Comme d'habitude
Elvis PresleyNever Again1976Producer
Elvis PresleyOnly Believe1971Producer
Elvis PresleyOnly The Strong Survive
Cover version of Jerry Butler - Only The Strong Survive
Elvis PresleyPadre1973Producer
Elvis PresleyPatch It Up1970Producer
Elvis PresleyPieces Of My Life1975Producer
Elvis PresleyPledging My Love
Cover version of Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love
Elvis PresleyPromised Land
Cover version of Chuck Berry - Promised Land
Elvis PresleyProud Mary
Cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
Elvis PresleyRaised On Rock1973Producer
Elvis PresleyReach Out To Jesus1972Producer
Elvis PresleySeeing Is Believing1972Producer
Elvis PresleyShake A Hand
Cover version of Faye Adams - Shake A Hand
Elvis PresleyShe Thinks I Still Care
Cover version of George Jones - She Thinks I Still Care
Elvis PresleySolitaire
Cover version of Neil Sedaka - Solitaire
Elvis PresleySomething
Cover version of The Beatles - Something
Elvis PresleyStranger In My Own Home Town
Cover version of Percy Mayfield - Stranger In My Own Home Town
Elvis PresleySusan When She Tried
Cover version of The Statler Brothers - Susan When She Tried
Elvis PresleySuspicious Minds
Cover version of Mark James - Suspicious Minds
Elvis PresleySweet Angeline1973Producer
Elvis PresleySweet Caroline
Cover version of Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
Elvis PresleyThe Fair Is Moving On1969Producer
Elvis PresleyThe Last Farewell
Cover version of Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell
Elvis PresleyThere Goes My Everything
Cover version of Ferlin Husky - There Goes My Everything
Elvis PresleyThere Is No God But God1972Producer
Elvis PresleyThis Is Our Dance1971Producer
Elvis PresleyThis Is The Story1969Producer
Elvis PresleyThree Corn Patches1973Producer
Elvis PresleyTomorrow Is A Long Time
Cover version of Ian & Sylvia - Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Elvis PresleyToo Much Monkey Business
Cover version of Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business
Elvis PresleyT-R-O-U-B-L-E1975Producer
Elvis PresleyWay Down1976Producer
Elvis PresleyWhat'd I Say
Cover version of Ray Charles - What'd I Say
Elvis PresleyWhen I'm Over You1970Producer
Elvis PresleyWhere Do I Go From Here1973Producer
Elvis PresleyWithout Love (There Is Nothing)
Cover version of Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Without Love There Is Nothing
Elvis PresleyWoman Without Love1975Producer
Elvis PresleyWords
Cover version of Bee Gees - Words
Elvis PresleyYou Asked Me To1974Producer
Elvis PresleyYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Cover version of Pino Donaggio - Io che non vivo (senza te)
Elvis PresleyYou Don't Know Me
Cover version of Eddy Arnold - You Don't Know Me
Elvis PresleyYou'll Think Of Me1969Producer
Elvis PresleyYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Cover version of The Righteous Brothers - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Fats DominoI'm A Fool To Care1965Producer
Fats DominoOld Man Trouble1964Producer
Fats DominoRed Sails In The Sunset1963Producer
Fats DominoSong For Rosemary1963Producer
Fats DominoThe Fat Man1949Producer
Fats DominoThe Land Of Make Believe1964Producer
Felton JarvisHonest John (The Workin' Man's Friend)1959Music/Lyrics
Felton JarvisHonest John (The Working Man's Friend)1960Music/Lyrics
Floyd Cramer(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
Cover version of Paul Revere & The Raiders - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
Floyd Cramer(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture
Cover version of Gary Lewis & The Playboys - (You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture
Floyd CramerA Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Cover version of The Monkees - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Floyd CramerA Man And A Woman
Cover version of Francis Lai - Un homme et une femme
Floyd CramerAlfie
Cover version of Cilla Black - Alfie
Floyd CramerAll The Time1968Producer
Floyd CramerAlmost Persuaded
Cover version of David Houston - Almost Persuaded
Floyd CramerAutumn Of My Life1968Producer
Floyd CramerBlue Bayou
Cover version of Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou
Floyd CramerBlue Skies
Cover version of Belle Baker - Blue Skies
Floyd CramerBorn Free
Cover version of Matt Monro - Born Free
Floyd CramerBoth Sides Now
Cover version of Judy Collins - Both Sides Now
Floyd CramerBy The Time I Get To Phoenix
Cover version of Johnny Rivers - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Floyd CramerCasino Royale Theme1967Producer
Floyd CramerCherish
Cover version of The Association - Cherish
Floyd CramerDo You Know The Way To San José
Cover version of Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San José
Floyd CramerDon't Give Up
Cover version of Petula Clark - Don't Give Up
Floyd CramerFor Lovers' Sake1968Producer
Floyd CramerFor No One
Cover version of The Beatles - For No One
Floyd CramerFunny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
Cover version of Don Gibson - Funny, Familiar, Forgotten, Feelings
Floyd CramerGentle On My Mind1968Producer
Floyd CramerGoin' Out Of My Head / Can't Take My Eyes Off You1968Producer
Floyd CramerGood Vibrations
Cover version of The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Floyd CramerGreen, Green Grass Of Home
Cover version of Johnny Darrell - Green Green Grass Of Home
Floyd CramerGroovin'
Cover version of The Young Rascals - Groovin'
Floyd CramerHeartbreaker
Cover version of Chris Hillman - Heartbreaker
Floyd CramerHere Comes My Baby
Cover version of The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby
Floyd CramerHold On Girl1967Producer
Floyd CramerHoney
Cover version of Bob Shane - Honey
Floyd CramerI Got Rhythm
Cover version of Ethel Merman - I Got Rhythm
Floyd CramerI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself1967Producer
Floyd CramerI Wanna Be Free
Cover version of The Monkees - I Wanna Be Free
Floyd CramerI Wanna Go Bummin' Around1968Producer
Floyd CramerI'll Never Fall In Love Again
Cover version of Jill O'Hara & Jerry Orbach - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Floyd CramerI'm A Believer
Cover version of The Monkees - I'm A Believer
Floyd CramerIt's A Heartache
Cover version of Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache
Floyd CramerJust Out Of Reach1968Producer
Floyd CramerLast Train To Clarksville
Cover version of The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville
Floyd CramerLaura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
Cover version of Leon Ashley - Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
Floyd CramerLeaving On A Jet Plane
Cover version of The Mitchell Trio - Leaving On A Jet Plane
Floyd CramerLet's Take The Long Way Around The World1979Producer
Floyd CramerLouie, Louie
Cover version of Richard Berry And The Pharaohs - Louie Louie
Floyd CramerLove Is Blue
Cover version of Vicky - L'amour est bleu
Floyd CramerMacArthur Park
Cover version of Richard Harris - MacArthur Park
Floyd CramerMidnight Cowboy
Cover version of John Barry Orchestra - Midnight Cowboy
Floyd CramerMission: Impossible Theme1968Producer
Floyd CramerMisty Blue1968Producer
Floyd CramerMusic To Watch Girls By
Cover version of The Bob Crewe Generation - Music To Watch Girls By
Floyd CramerMy Cup Runneth Over
Cover version of Mary Martin / Robert Preston - My Cup Runneth Over
Floyd CramerMy Way
Cover version of Claude François - Comme d'habitude
Floyd CramerNever My Love
Cover version of The Association - Never My Love
Floyd CramerOde To Billy Joe
Cover version of Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe
Floyd CramerOur Winter Love1968Producer
Floyd CramerPapa Gene's Blues1967Producer
Floyd CramerPortrait Of My Love
Cover version of Matt Monro - Portrait Of My Love
Floyd CramerPut A Little Love In Your Heart
Cover version of Jackie DeShannon - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Floyd CramerRain On The Roof
Cover version of The Lovin' Spoonful - Rain On The Roof
Floyd CramerRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
Cover version of B.J. Thomas - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
Floyd CramerRelease Me
Cover version of Eddie Miller & The Oklahomans - Release Me
Floyd CramerSleep Save And Warm1968Producer
Floyd CramerSoftly As I Love You1970Producer
Floyd CramerSomething
Cover version of The Beatles - Something
Floyd CramerSometime In The Morning1967Producer
Floyd CramerSomewhere
Cover version of Reri Grist & Ensemble - Somewhere (Ballet)
Floyd CramerStood Up1967Producer
Floyd CramerSunny1968Producer
Floyd CramerTalking In Your Sleep
Cover version of Crystal Gayle - Talking In Your Sleep
Floyd CramerThe Impossible Dream
Cover version of Richard Kiley - The Impossible Dream
Floyd CramerThe Look Of Love
Cover version of Dusty Springfield - The Look Of Love
Floyd CramerThe Odd Couple1968Producer
Floyd CramerTheme For Sam1967Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From "Valley Of The Dolls"1968Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From 2-20-21970Producer
Floyd CramerTheme From The Monkees
Cover version of The Monkees - (Theme From) The Monkees
Floyd CramerThis Guy's In Love With You
Cover version of Herb Alpert - This Guy's In Love With You
Floyd CramerTomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day1967Producer
Floyd CramerTurn Around, Look At Me
Cover version of Glen Campbell - Turn Around, Look At Me
Floyd CramerUp, Up And Away
Cover version of The 5th Dimension - Up, Up And Away
Floyd CramerWe Had All The Time In The World
Cover version of Louis Armstrong - We Have All The Time In The World
Floyd CramerWelcome To My World
Cover version of Jim Reeves - Welcome To My World
Floyd CramerWhat Locks The Door1968Producer
Floyd CramerWhen Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)1967Producer
Floyd CramerWho Am I1967Producer
Floyd CramerWinchester Cathedral
Cover version of New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral
Floyd CramerWindy
Cover version of The Association - Windy
Floyd CramerWith One Exception1968Producer
Floyd CramerWork Song1967Producer
Floyd CramerYou Needed Me
Cover version of Anne Murray - You Needed Me
Floyd CramerYou've Still Got A Place In My Heart
Cover version of Leon Payne - You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
Hank SnowAdios Amigo1967Producer
Hank SnowBlue Rose Of The Rio1967Producer
Hank SnowCaribbean1967Producer
Hank SnowCross The Brazos At Waco1967Producer
Hank SnowCuba Rhumba1967Producer
Hank SnowEl Paso1967Producer
Hank SnowMarie Elena1967Producer
Hank SnowNuevo Laredo1967Producer
Hank SnowSeñorita Rosalita1967Producer
Hank SnowSpanish Fireball1967Producer
Hank SnowVaya con dios1967Producer
Jack ScottI Hope, I Think, I Wish1966Producer
Jack ScottLooking For Linda1966Producer
Jim Ed BrownBaby, I Tried1970Producer
Jim Ed BrownBefore The Next Teardrop Falls
Cover version of Duane Dee - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Jim Ed BrownBeyond The Shadow1969Producer
Jim Ed BrownBottle, Bottle1967Producer
Jim Ed BrownBut That's All Right1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownGoing Up The Country1970Producer
Jim Ed BrownHeaven Says "Hello"1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownHere's To Forever1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownHonky Tonkin'1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownHow To Lose A Good Woman1970Producer
Jim Ed BrownI Feel A Sin Coming On1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownI Just Came From There1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownI Run For My Life1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownI'll Make The Living1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownIt Doesn't Know Any Better1967Producer
Jim Ed BrownJack and Jill1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownLift Ring, Pull Open1970Producer
Jim Ed BrownLongest Beer Of The Night1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownLove Letters1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownMy Heart Left Long Ago1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownPick-Me-Ups1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownThe Cajun Stripper1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownThe City Cries At Night1970Producer
Jim Ed BrownThe Enemy1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownThe Three Bells1969Producer
Jim Ed BrownWhat's A Girl Like You (Doing In A Place Like This)1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownYou'll Never Know (The Thrill Of Loving You)1968Producer
Jim Ed BrownYou've Seen That Look On Me1968Producer
Jim Edward BrownHave I Stayed Away Too Long1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownHave You Ever Been Lonely?1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Cover version of Karen Chandler - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Jim Edward BrownHow Long Has It Been1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownI'd Walk A Country Mile1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownIf You Were Mine, Mary1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownParty Girl
Cover version of Tommy Roe - Party Girl
Jim Edward BrownPop A Top
Cover version of Nat Stuckey - Pop A Top
Jim Edward BrownThe Last Laugh1966Producer
Jim Edward BrownThere Goes My Everything
Cover version of Ferlin Husky - There Goes My Everything
Jim Edward BrownToo Good To Be True1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownWhat Does It Take1967Producer
Jim Edward BrownYou Can Have Her
Cover version of Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
Jimmy DeanAll I Have To Offer You Is Me1970Producer
Jimmy DeanDon't Want To Live Without Honey1970Producer
Jimmy DeanI Wish You Had Turned To Me1970Producer
Jimmy DeanI'll Be A Hero (When I Strike)1970Producer
Jimmy DeanI'll Fly Away1967Producer
Jimmy DeanIt Is No Secret1967Producer
Jimmy DeanJean1970Producer
Jimmy DeanJust A Closer Walk With Thee1967Producer
Jimmy DeanJust A Little Talk With Jesus1967Producer
Jimmy DeanLord, I'm Coming Home1967Producer
Jimmy DeanMost Richly Blessed1967Producer
Jimmy DeanOkie From Muskogee1970Producer
Jimmy DeanOld Time Religion1967Producer
Jimmy DeanPeace In The Valley
Cover version of Flying Clouds Of Detroit - Peace In The Valley
Jimmy DeanPrecious Memories1967Producer
Jimmy DeanRainbow Girl1970Producer
Jimmy DeanReuben James1970Producer
Jimmy DeanStanding In The Need Of Prayer1967Producer
Jimmy DeanThese Hands1967Producer
Jimmy DeanWeek In A Country Jail1970Producer
Jimmy DeanWhen Judy Smiled1970Producer
Jimmy DeanYou're Not Home Yet1967Producer
John Hartford(Good Old Electric) Washing Machine (Circa. 1943)1967Producer
John HartfordA Man Smoking A Cigar1966Producer
John HartfordA Short Sentimental Interlude1969Producer
John HartfordA Simple Thing As Love1968Producer
John HartfordAnother Short (But Not So Sentimental) Interlude1969Producer
John HartfordBaking Soda1967Producer
John HartfordBefore They Tow My Car Away1970Producer
John HartfordBig Blue Balloon1968Producer
John HartfordCalifornia Earthquake1968Producer
John HartfordCorn Cob Blues1966Producer
John HartfordCrystallia Daydream1968Producer
John HartfordDaytime Of Life1967Producer
John HartfordDusty Miller Hornpipe And Fugue In A Major For Strings, Brass And 5-String Banjo1969Producer
John HartfordEarthwords1967Producer
John HartfordEmpty Afternoon Of Summer Longing1968Producer
John HartfordEve Of My Multiplication1966Producer
John HartfordFront Porch1966Producer
John HartfordFrustrated Bird1970Producer
John HartfordGentle On My Mind1967Producer
John HartfordGo Fall Asleep Now1968Producer
John HartfordGo Home Girl1970Producer
John HartfordHey Jude
Cover version of The Beatles - Hey Jude
John HartfordHousing Project1968Producer
John HartfordHow Come You're Being So Good To Me1967Producer
John HartfordI Didn't Know The World Would Last This Long1968Producer
John HartfordI Reckon1966Producer
John HartfordI Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit1966Producer
John HartfordI Won't Know Why I Went Till After I Get Back1970Producer
John HartfordI Would Not Be Here1968Producer
John HartfordI'm Still Here1968Producer
John HartfordIn Like Of1968Producer
John HartfordI've Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do There By The Door Before You Go1969Producer
John HartfordJack's In The Sack1966Producer
John HartfordLandscape Grown Cold1968Producer
John HartfordLeft Handed Woman1967Producer
John HartfordLike Unto A Mockingbird1966Producer
John HartfordLittle Piece In D1969Producer
John HartfordLove Is Sweeter1968Producer
John HartfordLove Song In 2/4 Time1967Producer
John HartfordMaybe1970Producer
John HartfordMeanwhile You Sit By My Banjo1970Producer
John HartfordMinus The Woman1966Producer
John HartfordMouth To Mouth Resuscitation1968Producer
John HartfordMr. Jackson"s Got Nothing To Do1969Producer
John HartfordMy Face1968Producer
John HartfordNaked In Spite Of Myself1967Producer
John HartfordNatural To Be Gone1968Producer
John HartfordNo End Of Love1967Producer
John HartfordOpen Road Ode1969Producer
John HartfordOrphan Of World War Two1969Producer
John HartfordPrayer1968Producer
John HartfordRailroad Street1969Producer
John HartfordShiny Rails Of Steel1968Producer
John HartfordSpringtime All Over Again1968Producer
John HartfordThe Category Stomp1968Producer
John HartfordThe Collector1969Producer
John HartfordThe Girl With The Long Brown Hair1968Producer
John HartfordThe Little Old Lonesome Little Circle Song1969Producer
John HartfordThe Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues1969Producer
John HartfordThe Sailboat Song1968Producer
John HartfordThe Six O'Clock Train And A Girl With Green Eyes1968Producer
John HartfordThe Tall Tall Grass1966Producer
John HartfordThe Wart1969Producer
John HartfordThere Are No Fools In Heaven (Anyman's Inferno)1967Producer
John HartfordThis Eve Of Parting1968Producer
John HartfordTo Say1970Producer
John HartfordToday1966Producer
John HartfordUntangle Your Mind1966Producer
John HartfordWhen The Sky Began To Fall1966Producer
John HartfordWhose That1967Producer
John HartfordWhy Do You Do Me Like You Do1968Producer
John HartfordWindows1968Producer
Liz Anderson100 Times Today1967Producer
Liz AndersonApartment #91968Producer
Liz AndersonBe Quiet Mind1967Producer
Liz AndersonBehind My Back1967Producer
Liz AndersonCome Walk In My Shoes1967Producer
Liz AndersonCry, Cry Again1968Producer
Liz AndersonDumb Blonde1968Producer
Liz AndersonGet While The Getting's Good1968Producer
Liz AndersonGrandma's House1967Producer
Liz AndersonHow To Break Up (Without Really Crying)1967Producer
Liz AndersonI Washed My Face In The Morning Dew1968Producer
Liz AndersonI'd Be More Of A Woman1968Producer
Liz AndersonIf I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)
Cover version of Lynn Anderson - If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)
Liz AndersonI'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Cover version of Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Liz AndersonI've Cried The Rain Down1967Producer
Liz AndersonLay Some Happiness On Me1968Producer
Liz AndersonLike A Merry-Go-Round1968Producer
Liz AndersonMama Spank1967Producer
Liz AndersonMe, Me, Me, Me, Me1968Producer
Liz AndersonNever Is A Long, Long Day1967Producer
Liz AndersonNever, Ever1967Producer
Liz AndersonNo One Will Ever Know
Cover version of Roy Acuff & His Smoky Mountain Boys - No One Will Ever Know
Liz AndersonOde To Billie Joe1968Producer
Liz AndersonOn Your Way Home1967Producer
Liz AndersonRelease Me
Cover version of Eddie Miller & The Oklahomans - Release Me
Liz AndersonRide, Ride, Ride
Cover version of Lynn Anderson - Ride, Ride, Ride
Liz AndersonSo Much For Me, So Much For You1966Producer
Liz AndersonSomething Called Happiness1968Producer
Liz AndersonSomewhere Between1968Producer
Liz AndersonThanks A Lot For Tryin' Anyway1968Producer
Liz AndersonThanks, But No Thanks1968Producer
Liz AndersonThe Chiseler1967Producer
Liz AndersonThe Spirit Of Christmas1967Producer
Liz AndersonTiny Tears1967Producer
Liz AndersonTippy Toeing1967Producer
Liz AndersonTo The Landlord1967Producer
Liz AndersonToo Many Rivers
Cover version of Claude Gray - Too Many Rivers
Liz AndersonWalk Out Backwards
Cover version of Connie Smith - Walk Out Backwards
Liz AndersonWhat Locks The Door1968Producer
Liz AndersonYour Tender Loving Care1968Producer
Liz Anderson & Lynn AndersonBetter Than Life Without You1968Producer
Liz Anderson & Lynn AndersonMother, May I1968Producer
Mac DavisPick Hit Of The Week1962Producer
Mac DavisToo Much Twistin'1962Producer
Maria DallasAll I Ever Wanted1968Producer
Maria DallasAmbush1968Producer
Maria DallasDid You Ever1968Producer
Maria DallasDon't Love Me Too Much1968Producer
Maria DallasI Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The World1968Producer
Maria DallasIt Only Hurts When I'm Laughing1968Producer
Maria DallasIt's Such A Pretty World Today1968Producer
Maria DallasLonely For You1968Producer
Maria DallasTumblin' Down1968Producer
Maria DallasYou Don't Treat Me Right1968Producer
Maria DallasYou Make Me Feel Good1968Producer
Maria DallasYour Ole Handy Man1968Producer
Michael NesmithBeyond The Blue Horizon1970Producer
Michael NesmithCalico Girlfriend1970Producer
Michael NesmithHollywood1970Producer
Michael NesmithKeys To The Car1970Producer
Michael NesmithLittle Red Rider1970Producer
Michael NesmithMama Nantuckez1970Producer
Michael NesmithNine Times Blue1970Producer
Michael NesmithOne Rose1970Producer
Michael NesmithThe Crippled Lion1970Producer
Michael NesmithThe First National Rag1970Producer
Michael Nesmith & The First National BandJoanne1970Producer
Ric CarteyPoor Me1963Producer
Ric CarteySomething In My Eye1963Producer
Sandy & DonnaBlowin' In The Wind
Cover version of Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind
Sandy & DonnaFully Prepared1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaI Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaI Wanna Be Free1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaIt's Rainin' Anyway1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaLove Is1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaMake Like The Wind (And Blow)1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaNot This Time1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaNothin' But Heartaches Here1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaThe Last Thing On My Mind1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaThe Least You Could Have Done1968Producer
Sandy & DonnaYour Overpowerin' Love1968Producer
Shel SilversteinAlimoney1969Producer
Shel SilversteinBigtime1969Producer
Shel SilversteinBoy Named Sue1969Producer
Shel SilversteinCloudy Sky1969Producer
Shel SilversteinComin' After Jinny1969Producer
Shel SilversteinDaylight Dreamer1969Producer
Shel SilversteinDirty Ol' Me1969Producer
Shel SilversteinKick It Again1969Producer
Shel SilversteinPathetic Way Of Getting Over Me1969Producer
Shel SilversteinSomebody Stole My Rig1969Producer
Shel SilversteinSomeday's Here1969Producer
Shel SilversteinTime1969Producer
Skeeter DavisFuel To The Flame
Cover version of Dolly Parton - Fuel To The Flame
Skeeter DavisI Look Up (And See You On My Mind)1971Producer
Skeeter DavisInstinct For Survival1971Producer
Skeeter DavisMama Your Big Girl's 'Bout To Cry1972Producer
Skeeter DavisThere's A Fool Born Every Minute1971Producer
Skeeter DavisWhat Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied)1967Producer
Skeeter DavisYou Call This Love (I Call It Hate)1972Producer
Steve AlaimoCast Your Fate To The Wind
Cover version of Vince Guaraldi Trio - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Steve AlaimoEverybody Knows But Her1964Producer
Steve AlaimoHappy1964Producer
Steve AlaimoMais oui (May We)
Cover version of Betty Curtis - Mais oui!
The Blue BoysDanny Boy1967Producer
The Blue BoysGoodbye City Goodbye Girl1967Producer
The Blue BoysI Threw Away The Rose
Cover version of Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I Threw Away The Rose
The Blue BoysIf I Kiss You (Will You Go Away?)
Cover version of Lynn Anderson - If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)
The Blue BoysIt's Such A Pretty World Today1967Producer
The Blue BoysLife Turned Her That Way1967Producer
The Blue BoysMohair Sam
Cover version of Charlie Rich - Mohair Sam
The Blue BoysMy Cup Runneth Over
Cover version of Mary Martin / Robert Preston - My Cup Runneth Over
The Blue BoysNashville Cats
Cover version of The Lovin' Spoonful - Nashville Cats
The Blue BoysRide, Ride, Ride
Cover version of Lynn Anderson - Ride, Ride, Ride
The Blue BoysWalk Through This World With Me
Cover version of George Jones - Walk Through This World With Me
The Blue BoysWinchester Cathedral
Cover version of New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral
The MonkeesHollywood1968Producer
The MonkeesHow Insensitive
Cover version of João Gilberto - Insensatez
The MonkeesPropinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)1968Producer
The Status CymbalBlang-Dang (Yesterday And Tomorrow)1967Producer
The Status CymbalHaving Fun Again1967Producer
The Status CymbalI Like The Things You Do1967Producer
The Status CymbalIn The Morning1967Producer
The Status CymbalI've Got Troubles Too1967Producer
The Status CymbalJody1967Producer
The Status CymbalLove To You1967Producer
The Status CymbalLovin' Day1967Producer
The Status CymbalMr. Thompson1967Producer
The Status CymbalSleepy Sad Cafe1967Producer
The Status CymbalTakin' My Time1967Producer
The Status CymbalThe Rain And Me1967Producer
Tommy RoeBad News (Don't Follow Me)1975Producer
Tommy RoeBe A Good Little Girl1964Producer
Tommy RoeBlue Ghost1962Producer
Tommy RoeBurn On Love Light1975Producer
Tommy RoeCarol1963Producer
Tommy RoeCome On1963Producer
Tommy RoeDance With Henry1963Producer
Tommy RoeDon't Cry Donna1963Producer
Tommy RoeDrop A Little Rock1975Producer
Tommy RoeEnergy1975Producer
Tommy RoeEverybody1963Producer
Tommy RoeGlitter And Gleam1975Producer
Tommy RoeGonna Take A Chance1963Producer
Tommy RoeGreat Expectations1975Producer
Tommy RoeHeart Beat
Cover version of Buddy Holly - Heartbeat
Tommy RoeI Found A Love
Cover version of The Falcons - I Found A Love
Tommy RoeKiss And Run1963Producer
Tommy RoeLittle Hollywood Girl1962Producer
Tommy RoeLook At Me
Cover version of Buddy Holly - Look At Me
Tommy RoeMaybellene
Cover version of Chuck Berry - Maybellene
Tommy RoeOh, How I Could Love You1964Producer
Tommy RoeParty Girl1964Producer
Tommy RoePiddle De Pat1962Producer
Tommy RoeSave Your Kisses1962Producer
Tommy RoeSheila1962Producer
Tommy RoeShow Me Under1975Producer
Tommy RoeSlow Dancing1975Producer
Tommy RoeSorry, I'm Late Lisa1963Producer
Tommy RoeSusie Darlin'
Cover version of Robin Luke - Susie Darlin'
Tommy RoeThe Folk Singer1963Producer
Tommy RoeThere Will Be Better Years1962Producer
Tommy RoeThere's A Great Day A Coming1962Producer
Tommy RoeThink About The Good Times1962Music/Lyrics
Tommy RoeWhat Makes The Blues (Want To Pick On Me)1963Producer
Tommy RoeYou Don't Need Me1975Producer
Vince EverettBaby Let's Play House
Cover version of Arthur Gunter - Baby Let's Play House
Vince EverettDon't Go1962Producer
Vince EverettI Ain't Gonna Be Your Low Down Dog No More1962Producer
Vince EverettLivin' High1963Producer
Vince EverettSuch A Night
Cover version of Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Such A Night
Vince EverettSugar Bee1962Producer
Waylon JenningsSome Other World1967Producer
Willie NelsonA Mansion On The Hill
Cover version of Hank Williams - A Mansion On The Hill
Willie NelsonA Wonderful Yesterday1969Producer
Willie NelsonAshamed1969Producer
Willie NelsonBloody Mary Morning1969Producer
Willie NelsonBorn To Lose
Cover version of Ted Daffan's Texans - Born To Lose
Willie NelsonBoth Sides Now
Cover version of Judy Collins - Both Sides Now
Willie NelsonBring Me Sunshine1968Producer
Willie NelsonBuddy1969Producer
Willie NelsonColumbus Stockade Blues1966Producer
Willie NelsonCountry Willie1972Producer
Willie NelsonCrazy Arms1970Producer
Willie NelsonDecember Day1969Producer
Willie NelsonDid I Ever Love You1969Producer
Willie NelsonDon't Say Love Or Nothing1968Producer
Willie NelsonDon't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)1966Producer
Willie NelsonDown To Our Last Goodbye1969Producer
Willie NelsonEverybody's Talkin'
Cover version of Fred Neil - Everybody's Talkin'
Willie NelsonFamily Bible
Cover version of Claude Gray - Family Bible
Willie NelsonFire And Rain1971Producer
Willie NelsonFollowing Me Around1970Producer
Willie NelsonGoin' Home1971Producer
Willie NelsonGood Hearted Woman1972Producer
Willie NelsonGood Times1968Producer
Willie NelsonHappiness Lives Next Door1970Producer
Willie NelsonHave I Stayed Away Too Long1967Producer
Willie NelsonHave I Told You Lately That I Love You?1967Producer
Willie NelsonHe Sits At My Table1966Producer
Willie NelsonHelp Me Make It Through The Night
Cover version of Kris Kristofferson - Help Me Make It Through The Night
Willie NelsonHome Is Where You're Happy1972Producer
Willie NelsonHow Long Have You Been There1970Producer
Willie NelsonI Can Cry Again1971Producer
Willie NelsonI Don't Feel Anything1970Producer
Willie NelsonI Gotta Get Drunk1969Producer
Willie NelsonI'd Rather You Didn't Love Me1972Producer
Willie NelsonIf It's Wrong To Love You1967Producer
Willie NelsonIf You Could See What's Going Through My Mind1970Producer
Willie NelsonIf You Really Loved Me1972Producer
Willie NelsonI'm A Memory1970Producer
Willie NelsonI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry1970Producer
Willie NelsonI'm Still Not Over You
Cover version of Ray Price - I'm Still Not Over You
Willie NelsonIn God's Eyes1971Producer
Willie NelsonIt Could Be Said That Way1969Producer
Willie NelsonIt's Not For Me To Understand1971Producer
Willie NelsonI've Seen That Look on Me (A Thousand Times)1970Producer
Willie NelsonJimmy's Road1968Producer
Willie NelsonJohnny One Time1968Producer
Willie NelsonKneel At The Feet Of Jesus1971Producer
Willie NelsonLaying My Burdens Down1970Producer
Willie NelsonLittle Things1967Producer
Willie NelsonLondon1972Producer
Willie NelsonLovin' Lies1967Producer
Willie NelsonMake Way For A Better Man1966Producer
Willie NelsonMe And Paul1971Producer
Willie NelsonMinstrel Man1970Producer
Willie NelsonMountain Dew1972Producer
Willie NelsonMy Kind Of Girl1972Producer
Willie NelsonOnce More With Feeling1969Producer
Willie NelsonOne Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)1969Producer
Willie NelsonOne In A Row1966Producer
Willie NelsonPages1969Producer
Willie NelsonPermanently Lonely1965Producer
Willie NelsonPhases, Stages, Circles, Cycles And Scenes1974Producer
Willie NelsonPins And Needles (In My Heart)1969Producer
Willie NelsonSenses1970Producer
Willie NelsonShe's Still Gone1968Producer
Willie NelsonSome Other World1967Producer
Willie NelsonStay Away From Lonely Places1972Producer
Willie NelsonSummer Of Roses1971Producer
Willie NelsonSunday Morning Coming Down
Cover version of Ray Stevens - Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
Willie NelsonSweet Memories
Cover version of Andy Williams - Sweet Memories
Willie NelsonTeach Me To Forget1967Producer
Willie NelsonThat's Why I Love Her So1971Producer
Willie NelsonThe Words Don't Fit The Picture1972Producer
Willie NelsonThese Are Difficult Times / Remember The Good Times1971Producer
Willie NelsonToday I Started Loving You Again1971Producer
Willie NelsonTruth #11970Producer
Willie NelsonUndo The Right1962Producer
Willie NelsonWabash Cannon Ball1969Producer
Willie NelsonWhat Can You Do To Me Now?1971Producer
Willie NelsonWhat Do You Want Me To Do1972Producer
Willie NelsonWhat Now My Love
Cover version of Gilbert Bécaud - Et maintenant
Willie NelsonWhen We Live Again1970Producer
Willie NelsonWhere Do You Stand?1970Producer
Willie NelsonWhere's The Show / Let Me Be A Man1971Producer
Willie NelsonWho Do I Know In Dallas1969Producer
Willie NelsonWhy Do I Know In Dallas1970Producer
Willie NelsonWill You Remember1972Producer
Willie NelsonWonderful Future1972Producer
Willie NelsonYesterday's Wine1971Producer
Willie NelsonYou Made Me Live, Love And Die1967Producer
Willie NelsonYou Ought To Hear Me Cry1967Producer
Willie NelsonYours Love1971Producer
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