Robin Millar

Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Robin Milar, Robin Miller

Songs by Robin Millar

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Anita HegerlandAll Kinds Of People1994Producer
Anita HegerlandEva Luna1994Producer
Anita HegerlandEvery Child's Got A Soul1994Producer
Anita HegerlandHero And Leander1994Music/Lyrics
Anita HegerlandI Can't Cry Hard Enough
Cover version of The Williams Brothers [Andy & David Williams] - Can't Cry Hard Enough
Anita HegerlandLet's Get High On One Another1994Producer
Anita HegerlandOxygen
Cover version of Elaine Paige - Oxygen
Anita HegerlandQueen Of Birds1994Producer
Anita HegerlandThe Wedding Dress1994Producer
Anita HegerlandThere Goes My Heart Again1994Producer
Anita HegerlandVoices1994Music/Lyrics
Big CountryEiledon1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryHold The Heart1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryI Walk The Hill1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryLook Away1986Producer
Big CountryOne Great Thing1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryRemembrance Day1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountrySong Of The South1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryThe Red Fox1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryThe Sailor1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big CountryThe Teacher1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
Big Country feat. Kate BushThe Seer1986Producer
(Robin Milar)
BlackFeel Like Change1991Producer
BlackHere It Comes Again1991Producer
BlackHey, I Was Right You Were Wrong!1988Producer
BlackI Can Laugh About It Now1988Producer
BlackI Can Let Go Now1991Producer
BlackI'm Not Afraid1987Producer
BlackLearning How To Hate1991Producer
BlackLet's Talk About Me1991Producer
BlackNo-One, None, Nothing1988Producer
BlackParadise Lost1988Producer
BlackShe's My Best Friend1991Producer
BlackSweet Breath Of Your Rapture1991Producer
BlackThis Is Life1991Producer
BlackToo Many Times1991Producer
BlackWhat You Are1991Producer
BlackWhatever People Say You Are1988Producer
BlackYou Don't Always Do What's Best For You1988Producer
BlackYou Lift Me Up1991Producer
Black feat. Sam BrownFly Up To The Moon1991Producer
Colin James HayCan I Hold You?1987Producer
Colin James HayHold Me1986Producer
Colin James HayHome Sweet Home1987Producer
Colin James HayNature Of The Beast1987Producer
Colin James Hay feat. The Conway Brothers Hicup OrchestraGoing Somewhere1987Producer
ElsaBody And Heart1997Producer
ElsaCanada Coast1997Producer
Cover version of Elsa - Caravane
ElsaChaque jour est un long chemin1996Producer
ElsaFifteen Summers1997Producer
ElsaHeart On My Sleeve1997Producer
ElsaI Will Stick My Tongue Right Out1997Producer
ElsaJacques est maniaque1996Producer
ElsaJe porte mon cœur sur ma main1996Producer
ElsaJe tire la langue1996Producer
ElsaJoséphine (English)
Cover version of Elsa - Joséphine
ElsaL'autre moitié1996Producer
ElsaLe chéri1996Producer
ElsaLe soir1996Producer
ElsaLe temps tourne à l'orage1996Producer
ElsaLes affaires de Franck1996Producer
ElsaOut Of My Way1997Producer
ElsaQuand je serai morte1996Producer
ElsaSous ma robe1996Producer
ElsaThe Other Half1997Producer
ElsaWhen I'm Dead And Gone
Cover version of McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead And Gone
Everything But The GirlAngel1985Producer
Everything But The GirlAnother Bridge1993Producer
Everything But The GirlEach & Every One1984Producer
Everything But The GirlEasy As Sin1984Producer
Everything But The GirlFascination1984Producer
Everything But The GirlLaugh You Out The House1984Producer
Everything But The GirlMine1984Producer
Everything But The GirlNative Land1984Producer
Everything But The GirlRiverbed Dry1984Producer
Everything But The GirlWhen All's Well1985Producer
Fine Young CannibalsDon't Ask Me To Choose1985Producer
Fine Young CannibalsLike A Stranger1985Producer
Fine Young CannibalsMove To Work1985Producer
Fine Young CannibalsOn A Promise1985Producer
Fine Young CannibalsSuspicious Minds
Cover version of Mark James - Suspicious Minds
(Robin Miller)
Fine Young CannibalsTime Isn't Kind1985Producer
FirefallLove Ain't What It Seems1981Music/Lyrics
(Robin Miller)
Fruits Of PassionAll I Ever Wanted1985Producer
Fruits Of PassionNo More Tears1986Producer
(Robin Miller)
Patricia KaasAutumn Leaves
Cover version of Yves Montand - Les feuilles mortes
Patricia KaasFatiguée d'attendre1993Producer
Patricia KaasGanz und gar
Cover version of Westernhagen - Ganz und gar
Patricia KaasI Wish You Love (Que reste-t-il de nos amours?)2002Producer
Patricia KaasIf You Go Away
Cover version of Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas
Patricia KaasIt's A Man's World
Cover version of James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
Patricia KaasJe retiens mon souffle1993Producer
Patricia KaasLa mer
Cover version of Charles Trenet - La mer
Patricia KaasLes moulins de mon cœur
Cover version of Noel Harrison - The Windmills Of Your Mind
Patricia KaasMy Man
Cover version of Mistinguett - Mon homme
Patricia KaasOut Of The Rain1993Producer
Patricia KaasReste sur moi1993Producer
Patricia KaasRien ne s'arrête2001Producer
Patricia KaasSpace In My Heart
Cover version of Maxi Priest - Space In My Heart
Patricia KaasSyracuse
Cover version of Henri Salvador - Syracuse
Patricia KaasThe Summer Knows
Cover version of Michel Legrand - Summer Of '42
Patricia KaasUn homme et une femme
Cover version of Francis Lai - Un homme et une femme
Patricia KaasWhat Now My Love
Cover version of Gilbert Bécaud - Et maintenant
Patricia KaasWhere Do I Begin
Cover version of Francis Lai & His Orchestra - Love Story
Patricia KaasY'avait tant d'étoiles1993Producer
Patricia KaasYesterday When I Was Young
Cover version of Charles Aznavour - Hier encore
Pierre SchottÀ la Nouvelle Orléans1992Producer
Pierre SchottI Feel Like Running Away1992Producer
Pierre SchottLa chanson de Mathusalem1992Producer
Pierre SchottLe long chemin1992Producer
Pierre SchottLe vieux navire1992Producer
Pierre SchottMille ans de solitude1992Producer
Pierre SchottRosanna Azalée1992Producer
Pierre SchottThe Corn And Tobacco Fields1992Producer
Pierre SchottTraverser la rivière1992Producer
Pierre Schott feat. Tanita TikaramJe te voudrai quand même1992Producer
Randy CrawfordAll It Takes Is Love1989Producer
Randy CrawfordBelieve That Love Can Change The World1989Producer
Randy CrawfordCigarette In The Rain1989Producer
Randy CrawfordEvery Kind Of People
Cover version of Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People
Randy CrawfordI Don't Feel Much Like Crying1989Producer
Randy CrawfordLove Is1989Producer
Randy CrawfordRich And Poor1989Music/Lyrics
Randy CrawfordSeparate Lives1989Producer
Randy CrawfordThis Is The Love1989Producer
Randy CrawfordWrap-U-Up1989Producer
SadeCherry Pie1984Producer
SadeFrankie's First Affair1984Producer
SadeHang On To Your Love1984Producer
SadeI Will Be Your Friend1984Producer
SadeIs It A Crime?1985Producer
SadeLove Affair With Life1983Producer
SadeMr Wrong1985Producer
SadeNever As Good As The First Time1985Producer
SadePunch Drunk1985Producer
SadeRed Eye1984Music/Lyrics
(Robin Miller)
(Robin Miller)
SadeShould I Love You1984Producer
SadeSmooth Operator1984Producer
SadeTar Baby1985Producer
SadeThe Sweetest Taboo1985Producer
SadeWar Of The Hearts1985Producer
SadeWhen Am I Going To Make A Living1984Producer
SadeWhy Can't We Live Together
Cover version of Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together
SadeYour Love Is King1984Producer
SadeYou're Not The Man1985Producer
The BluebellsEverybody's Somebody's Fool1982Producer
The BluebellsForevermore1982Producer
The DainteesTrouble Town1984Producer
Tom RobinsonBack In The Old Country1984Producer
Tom RobinsonBlond Blue1984Producer
Tom RobinsonCabin Boy1984Producer
Tom RobinsonHope And Glory1984Producer
Tom RobinsonListen To The Radio (Atmospherics)1982Producer
Tom RobinsonLooking For A Bonfire1982Producer
Tom RobinsonMurder At The End Of Day1984Producer
Tom RobinsonOld Friend1984Producer
Tom RobinsonPrison1984Producer
Tom RobinsonRikki Don't Lose That Number
Cover version of Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Tom RobinsonWar Baby1983Producer
Vicki BrownOnce Again1987Music/Lyrics
Working WeekAutumn Boy1985Producer
Working WeekI Thought I'd Never See You Again1985Producer
Working WeekInner City Blues
Cover version of Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
Working WeekSolo1985Producer
Working WeekStorm Of Light1984Producer
Working WeekSweet Nothing1985Producer
Working WeekVenceremos1985Producer
Working WeekVenceremos - We Will Win1984Producer
(Robin Miller)
Working WeekWho's Fooling Who1985Producer
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