Rodney Crowell

Songs by Rodney Crowell

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Albert LeeOn A Real Good Night1979Music/Lyrics
Albert WestDromen is toch fijn1996Music/Lyrics
Andy GriggsAin't Livin' Long Like This1999Music/Lyrics
Andy MartinFool's Thin Air2012Music/Lyrics
Andy MartinRose Of Memphis2017Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsAfter All This Time1991Music/Lyrics
Ane BrunTragedy
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Tragedy
Anna HanskiKun on sydänyö1995Music/Lyrics
Beth Nielsen ChapmanAll The Time In The World1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanBeyond The Blue1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanFair Enough1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanHappy Girl1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanHeads Up For The Wrecking Ball1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanNo One Knows But You1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanSand And Water1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanSay Goodnight1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanSeven Shades Of Blue1997Producer
Beth Nielsen ChapmanThe Colors Of Roses1997Producer
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandShame On The Moon
Cover version of Rodney Crowell - Shame On The Moon
Bobby BareLearning To Live Again1981Producer
Carlene CarterNever Together But Close Sometimes
Cover version of Jonathan Edwards - Never Together (But Close Sometimes)
Chely WrightBroken2010Producer
Chely WrightDamn Liar2010Producer
Chely WrightHang In Your Heart2010Producer
Chely WrightLike Me2010Producer
Chely WrightNotes To The Coroner2010Producer
Chely WrightObject Of Your Rejection2010Producer
Chely WrightShadows Of Doubt2010Producer
Chely WrightSnow Globe2010Producer
Chely WrightThat Train2010Producer
Chely WrightWish Me Away2010Producer
Chely Wright feat. Rodney CrowellHeavenly Days2010Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchHome In My Heart (North Carolina)1999Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchI Don't Fall In Love So Easy1999Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchIt's All Your Fault1999Producer
Claudia ChurchJust As Long As You Love Me1999Producer
Claudia ChurchLost In A Feeling1999Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchSmall Town Girl1999Producer
Claudia ChurchThe Streets Of Nashville1999Producer
Claudia ChurchThis Man I Love1999Music/Lyrics
Claudia ChurchWhat's The Matter With You Baby1999Producer
Claudia ChurchWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Cover version of The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Crystal GayleTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Dolly PartonFull Circle1993Music/Lyrics
Dolly Parton / Emmylou Harris / Linda RonstadtWaltz Across Texas Tonight2016Music/Lyrics
Donna FargoTill I Gain Control
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Dwight YoakamThinking About Leaving1999Music/Lyrics
Elizabeth CookAlways Tomorrow2007Producer
Elizabeth CookDon't Go Borrowing Trouble2007Producer
Elizabeth CookGonna Be2007Producer
Elizabeth CookHe Got No Heart2007Producer
Elizabeth CookMama's Prayers2007Producer
Elizabeth CookSometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman2007Producer
Elizabeth CookSunday Morning
Cover version of The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Elizabeth CookTimes Are Tough In Rock 'n Roll2007Producer
Elizabeth CookWhat Do I Do2007Producer
Elizabeth Cook & Nanci Griffith & Rodney CrowellDown Girl2007Producer
Elizabeth Cook feat. Bobby Bare Jr.Rest Your Weary Mind2007Producer
Emmylou HarrisAmarillo1975Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisAshes By Now1981Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisBaby Better Start Turning 'em Down1983Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisBluebird Wine1975Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisColors Of Your Heart1981Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisEven Cowgirls Get The Blues1979Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisI Ain't Living Long Like This1978Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisI Don't Have To Crawl1981Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisI Had My Heart Set On You1986Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisIt's Only Rock And Roll1983Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisLeaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight1978Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisLong Time Girl Gone By2012Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisTill I Gain Control Again1975Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisTragedy2000Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisTulsa Queen1977Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisWaltz Across Texas Tonight1995Music/Lyrics
Emmylou HarrisYou're Supposed To Be Feeling Good1977Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellBring It On Home To Memphis2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellHigher Mountains2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellIf You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellJust Pleasing You2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellLa danse de la joie2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellNo Memories Hanging 'Round2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellThe Traveling Kind2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellThe Weight Of The World2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellYou Can't Say We Didn't Try2015Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellBluebird Wine2013Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellBull Rider2013Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellHere We Are2013Music/Lyrics
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellOpen Season On My Heart
Cover version of Tim McGraw - Open Season On My Heart
FoghatAin't Livin' Long Like This
Cover version of Rodney Crowell - I Ain't Living Long Like This
George StraitStars On The Water2001Music/Lyrics
George StraitThe Night's Just Right For Love2000Music/Lyrics
High SouthThe Best Is Yet To Come2013Music/Lyrics
Jermaine JacksonGive A Little Love1986Music/Lyrics
Jerry Jeff WalkerBanks Of The Old Bandera1979Music/Lyrics
Jerry Jeff WalkerTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Jerry ReedHome Sweet Home Revisited1974Music/Lyrics
Jerry ReedYou Can't Keep Me Here In Tennessee1973Music/Lyrics
Jewel feat. Rodney CrowellIt Doesn't Hurt Right Now2015Music/Lyrics
Jil RutzJumpin' Jack Flash
Cover version of The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Jimmy BuffettStars On The Water1983Music/Lyrics
John DenverSong For The Life1979Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashBull Rider1979Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashI'm Never Gonna Roam Again2005Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashWildwood In The Pines1980Music/Lyrics
Johnny Cash & June Carter CashOne Way Rider1980Music/Lyrics
Johnny Cash & Waylon JenningsEven Cowgirls Get The Blues1986Music/Lyrics
Johnny Cash & Waylon JenningsI'm Never Gonna Roam Again1986Music/Lyrics
Johnny RodriguezVictim Or A Fool1983Music/Lyrics
Jonathan EdwardsNever Together (But Close Sometimes)1977Music/Lyrics
Jürgen von der LippeSo ein Kamel
Cover version of Rodney Crowell - Voilà, An American Dream
Kathy MatteaSong For The Life1986Music/Lyrics
Keith UrbanMaking Memories Of Us2004Music/Lyrics
Keith UrbanWhat About Me2002Music/Lyrics
Keith UrbanYou Won2002Music/Lyrics
Lari WhiteItty Bitty Little Single Solitary Piece Of My Heart1993Producer
Lari WhiteJust Thinking1993Producer
Lari WhiteLay Around And Love On You
Cover version of Donna Meade - Lay Around And Love On You
Lari WhiteLead Me Not1993Producer
Lari WhiteWhat A Woman Wants1993Producer
Lee Ann WomackMomma's On A Roll2012Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt & Aaron NevillePlease Remember Me1997Music/Lyrics
Lucinda WilliamsGod I'm Missing You2012Music/Lyrics
Lynn AndersonEven Cowgirls Get The Blues1980Music/Lyrics
Mac DavisShame On The Moon
Cover version of Rodney Crowell - Shame On The Moon
Michèle Torr(Même ta femme a) des états d'âme1995Music/Lyrics
Michelle WrightThe Answer Is Yes1996Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriDir kann man einfach nicht böse sein
Cover version of Jonathan Edwards - Never Together (But Close Sometimes)
Nana MouskouriJamais ensemble
Cover version of Jonathan Edwards - Never Together (But Close Sometimes)
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLong Hard Road1984Music/Lyrics
Norah JonesIf The Law Don't Want You2012Music/Lyrics
Norah Jones and Sasha DobsonBull Rider2010Music/Lyrics
Paul YoungTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Rodney CrowellAin't No Money1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellAll You've Got To Do1981Producer
Rodney CrowellAlone But Not Alone1992Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellAnything But Tame2012Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellAshes By Now1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellBaby, Better Start Turnin' 'Em Down1978Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellBlues In The Daytime1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellCalifornia Earthquake (A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On)1978Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellDon't Need No Other Now1981Producer
Rodney CrowellFamous Last Words Of A Fool In Love2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellFever On The Bayou2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellFrankie Please2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellGod I'm Missing You2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellGrandma Loved That Old Man2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellHere Comes The 80's1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellHungry For Home2012Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellI Ain't Living Long Like This1978Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellI Couldn't Leave You If I Tried1988Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellI Wouldn't Be Me Without You2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellI'm A Mess2012Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellIt's Only Rock 'N' Roll1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellJesus Talk To Mama2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellJust Wanta Dance1981Producer
Rodney CrowellNobody's Going To Tear My Playhouse Down1992Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellOh King Richard1986Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellOh What A Beautiful World2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellOld Pipeliner1981Producer
Rodney CrowellOn A Real Good Night1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellOnly Two Hearts1981Producer
Rodney CrowellPlease Remember Me1995Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellShame On The Moon1981Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellShe Ain't Going Nowhere1981Producer
Rodney CrowellShe's Crazy For Leaving1988Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellSomebody's Shadow2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellSong For The Life1978Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellStars On The Waters1981Producer
Rodney CrowellThe Flyboy & The Kid2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellThe Long Journey Home2014Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellThe One About England1980Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellThe Rock Of My Soul2001Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellThinking About Leaving1995Music/Lyrics
Rodney Crowell'Til I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Rodney CrowellVictim Or A Fool1981Producer
Rodney CrowellVoilà, An American Dream1977Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellWhat Kind Of Love1992Music/Lyrics
Rodney Crowell & Kris KristoffersonMy Father's Advice2012Music/Lyrics
Rosanne Cash7071987Producer
Rosanne CashAin't No Money1982Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashAnybody's Darlin' (Anything But Mine)1978Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashBaby, Better Start Turnin' Em Down1978Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashBig River1979Producer
Rosanne CashBlue Moon With Heartache1981Producer
Rosanne CashCan I Still Believe In You1978Producer
Rosanne CashCouldn't Do Nothin' Right1979Producer
Rosanne CashGreen, Yellow And Red1987Producer
Rosanne CashHold On1985Producer
Rosanne CashHometown Blues1981Producer
Rosanne CashI Can't Resist1981Producer
Rosanne CashI Don't Have To Crawl1987Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashI Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me1985Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashI Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Cover version of The Beatles - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Rosanne CashI Wonder1982Producer
Rosanne CashIf You Change Your Mind1987Producer
Rosanne CashIt Hasn't Happened Yet2011Producer
Rosanne CashMan Smart, Woman, Smarter1979Producer
Rosanne CashMy Baby Thinks He's A Train1981Producer
Rosanne CashNever Be You1985Producer
Rosanne CashOnly Human1981Producer
Rosanne CashRainin'1981Producer
Rosanne CashRight Or Wrong1979Producer
Rosanne CashRosie Strike Back1987Producer
Rosanne CashRunaway Train1987Producer
Rosanne CashSeeing's Believing1979Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashSeven Year Ache1981Producer
Rosanne CashSister Oh Sister2012Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashSo Fine
Cover version of The Sheiks - So Fine
Rosanne CashSomewhere Sometime1987Producer
Rosanne CashTake Me, Take Me1978Producer
Rosanne CashTennessee Flat Top Box
Cover version of Johnny Cash - Tennessee Flat-Top Box
Rosanne CashThe Real Me1987Producer
Rosanne CashThe Way We Make A Broken Heart1987Producer
Rosanne CashThird Rate Romance1982Producer
Rosanne CashThis Has Happened Before1979Producer
Rosanne CashWhat Kinda Girl?1981Producer
Rosanne CashWhen The Master Calls The Roll2014Music/Lyrics
Rosanne CashWhere Will The Words Come From?1981Producer
Rosanne CashWhy Don't You Quit Leaving Me Alone1987Producer
Rosanne CashYou Don't Have Very Far To Go1981Producer
Rosanne Cash & Bobby BareNo Memories Hangin' Round1979Music/Lyrics
Rosanne Cash & Rodney CrowellIt's Such A Small World1988Music/Lyrics
SanneMijn enige hoop
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Sissy SpacekHangin' Up My Heart1983Producer
Sissy SpacekHave I Told You Lately That I Love You1983Producer
Sissy SpacekHe Don't Know Me1983Producer
Sissy SpacekHonky Tonkin'
Cover version of Hank Williams - Honky Tonkin'
Sissy SpacekIf I Can Just Get Through The Night1983Producer
Sissy SpacekIf You Could Only See Me Now1983Producer
Sissy SpacekLonely But Only For You1983Producer
Sissy SpacekOld Home Town1983Producer
Sissy SpacekSmooth Talkin' Daddy1983Producer
Sissy SpacekThis Time I'm Gonna Beat You To The Truck1983Producer
Steve LukatherHate Everything About U1997Music/Lyrics
Suzanne Klee & Harry ShannonLeavin' Louisiana In The Broad Daylight1984Music/Lyrics
Tanya TuckerShame On The Moon1982Music/Lyrics
The Dirt BandAn American Dream
Cover version of Rodney Crowell - Voilà, An American Dream
The Dirt BandNever Together (But Close Sometimes)
Cover version of Jonathan Edwards - Never Together (But Close Sometimes)
The Oak Ridge BoysLeaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight1978Music/Lyrics
The WaterboysA Song For The Life2008Music/Lyrics
This Mortal Coil'Till I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Tim McGrawOpen Season On My Heart2004Music/Lyrics
Tim McGrawPlease Remember Me1999Music/Lyrics
Trisha YearwoodI Don't Fall In Love So Easy1993Music/Lyrics
Van MorrisonTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Vince GillJust Pleasing You2012Music/Lyrics
Vince Gill & Rodney CrowellI Hope You Shed A Million Tears2011Music/Lyrics
Waylon [US]Angel Eyes1983Music/Lyrics
Waylon [US]It's Only Rock And Roll1983Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsI Ain't Living Long Like This1979Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsOld Love, New Eyes1979Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsSong For The Life1981Music/Lyrics
Waylon JenningsTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Waylon JenningsWoman I Hate It1988Music/Lyrics
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Willie NelsonTill I Gain Control Again
Cover version of Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again
Willie Nelson & Emmylou HarrisAngel Eyes1980Music/Lyrics
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